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Louis Tomlinson clasped his hands behind him, observing the view in front of him. He watched with his chin held high as the rest of his team stood in a satisfying pyramid, smiles on their faces and cramps in their still bodies.

Louis picks out the small things bothering him, telling Cassandra to straighten her back, Jade to stop shaking, and Josh to rid of his noodle arms. They comply and Louis smiles as the stunt looks absolutely beautiful in his eyes.

"Alright!" he claps as they dismount, dazzling smile hypnotizing his fellow students into submission. "That was wonderful, guys. Its great to see the improvement from yesterday, and I'm proud to say that we can stop practicing The Rotating Pyramid."

There are cheers and high fives at his announcement, and he just laughs. "For the next part of our routine we are going to have to do The Waterfall, which was taught at the beginning of the year, but lets quickly get into formation to make sure that you've remembered."

He walks over to the group as they get into position, standing by Trudy and basing for her as she is lifted.

"Awesome! Okay, so that's the first part of the routine. Remember; Scale, Scale, Lib, dismount into the Torch, Left broken T, Right broken T, Twirl, Rotating Pyramid, and Waterfall. That's part one, which means the tempo fastens for a dance break before more stunts. Jade will be teaching the choreography for the dance break next Thursday, because I'm shit at it."

"Louis, whats our ending position this year?" Amanda, a small girl (and great flyer) asks, gulping down her Gatorade.

He looks down at his iPhone, where he has his notes pulled up with the routine he poured his heart out over the summer creating rests. He scrolls down, through parts one and two of the routine to part three, the end.

He looks back up at Amanda to answer her question, "The Wolf Wall."

The team groans, Adam burying his face into the grass and screaming.

"Hey, hey! Don't act like that. I told you at the beginning of the year that we were going to be learning it sometime. It's my senior year and I want this championship to go with a bang. We will win again this year, with the most difficult and amazing stunts you have ever seen, do you understand me? Complaining about the routine is pretty much handing the trophy over to Harry Styles."

💎 💎 💎

When Louis arrives home after practice, his senses are filled with the aroma of his mum's homemade lasagna, along with the giggles of little girls.

He smiles, dropping his red duffle bag that says captain on it before going to the dining room, hugging his mum and dad and kissing each of his little sisters' cheeks.

"How was practice, Lou?" his sister Lottie asked.

"Eventful." he grinned and winked at her.

His mum walks back into the dining room with a baking dish filled to the brim with mouthwatering lasagna.

"Well, I'm gonna go get changed before dinner- into to something more comfortable for myself."

He sprints up the stairs to his room, stopping by the homework white bored and writing 'Geometry Page 1 Lesson 2.3' in his messy handwriting with the pink Expo marker under the column that says 'Louis :) xx'

Walking into his room, he quickly changes out of his disgustingly boyish school uniform, neatly folding his blazer and trousers and placing them into his 'Friday' cubby on his 'Outfits of the week' shelf.

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