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Harry hates Zayn Malik.

With his stupid leather jackets and his stupid chiseled jawline.

He was just aimlessly scrolling through his Instagram when all of a sudden he sees an old picture of Zayn and Louis where they are cuddling on the couch, Louis' head on Zayn's shoulder,

"zayn: Missing my baby 😭👎🏼😷😰😪👬💯💯💯💯  #missingyou #exboyfriends #sad #tb #notblessed #relationshipgoals"

And Harry really wants to puke because if he was in that position he would add a black and white filter and say something like "missing you flushes me with waves of regret." Not this pseudo fuckboy shít.

He reads the comments and snickers.

niallhoran: get over it!!!! @zayn

zayn: 😳😷😤😰 #whyme #stressed @niallhoran

niallhoran: suck my cock, motherfucker. @zayn

💎 💎 💎

harrystyles: you need to revaluate your life choices. @zayn

💎 💎 💎

Shortly after, Louis posted a rather provocative photo of himself in Daisy Dukes in the mirror with the caption  "I don't need you"

Harry might've or might not've screenshotted  the photo and added it to the photo album 'wank bank' for further purposes.

As he continues to scroll through Instagram, he gets notified of a text at the top of his screen.

Cara 😘: Emergency!!

Harry 🍌: What?

Cara 😘: South High, Harold. They've messed with our stuff. I can't get into the locker room, it's locked and only you have the key. I went to the school to get a new donut form and there was a note on the door. I'm worried....

Harry 🍌: Fućk! Be there soon. Stay In and text Liam to meet us.

💎 💎 💎

Due to crowding, only two teams per county are allowed to go to the NCC's each year.

NHHS automatically goes every year since they are the nation's best, but CMHS wins the competition of the other spot.

But there's always that one greedy ass team who will do anything to get that spot.

And that team is South High.

SHS thinks they're top dog, and they think they can beat NHHS if sent to Nationals.

The captain, Melissa Jones, made up a rumor that Louis slept with the judge the first time to go to Nationals and has been sleeping with the Nationals judges ever since to win every year.

The rumor was quickly debunked, and once she realized that there was no competing with the Louis Tomlinson, she started going for Cross Martin.

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