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Harry is at the same mall as Louis, at the same time, in the same store, and that's more than enough of a reason for Louis to be ecstatic.

"Hazza, baby!" Louis cheers when the first eye contact is made, basking in the way Harry's eyes widen when he makes his way over to him.

Louis grabs Harry's cheeks, giving him a great big smooch on the lips.

"Hi, Louis." Harry's friend Cara giggles from beside him and Louis gives her a smile and a wink in recognition.

"What are you doing here?" he says, hiking his leg up over Harry's waist, wrapping his arms around his neck and burying his face into it, inhaling his cologne.

Hollister, he thinks.

He's aware of how compromising their position might look, and how with his leg hiked up like this the world gets a peak of his black lace panties, but he's comfortable.

And if Louis' comfortable, that's the only thing that matters.

(That's what his daddy told him, anyways.)

"J-Just shopping." Harry stutters out, and Louis smirks when he realizes Harry's hands are kind of just hovering over his bum cheeks.

"You can touch if you want, baby boy." Louis whispers into Harry's ear, running his mouth over the shell of it.

"As much as I am all for this, you know, happening, that sales lady over there is glaring at your PDA." Cara says, and Louis lifts his head from Harry's neck just enough to see that, yes, the cashier is looking very uncertain.

Louis purses his lips and hums, pulling away from a very flustered Harry and fixing his skirt, grabbing Harry's bulge and whispering see you later, big boy before giving Harry one last wink and walking away.

He can very clearly hear Cara say Harry, he just talked to your dick from the cashier where he was paying for his panties and he smirks to himself. 

As he walks out of Victoria's Secret, his heart beating and a proud smirk on his face, he stops in his tracks at a realization.

Where's Sophia?

💎 💎 💎

Louis did end up finding Sophia, in the ladies room making out with Liam Payne.

He's fuming as he pulls her away and out of the bathroom, making sure they're out of range before exploding.

"What the hell?!" he whisper-shouts, crossing his arms and effectively looking like a pissed off hedgehog.

"What?" his best friend grumbles, stomping her foot, "You were teasing your cute guy, why can't I tease mine?"

Louis glares, "Soph! It's not teasing when you're just as flustered as he is! You know damn well that we can't let these CMHS guys get under our skin. It's not very cool of you to consensually make out with Liam while I'm busy actually trying to distract Harry."

"You're not being very nice right now, Louis." Sophia huffs.

Louis sighs and picks up all of their bags from the floor, wrapping an arm around Sophia as they walk out of the mall, "We're at war here, Soph. I honestly don't know what extent Harry would go through to get our trophy, and I don't want to find out."

"That's the thing, Louis! He doesn't want our trophy. He wants our captain. You've 'distracted' him to the point to where the trophy is the last thing on his mind." Sophia says, resting her head on the twink's shoulder as they walk.

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