jasmines pov 

i still can not belive what my moms saying  i mean she lied to me like a millon times  like about how my dog ran away when she actelly just rane over it but know she says she can prove it to me .so she walked me to the car and we started driving for a long time we went past trees and more trees till we were at a building in the middle of nowhere which had three letter ''GOPO'' we went to door .and when we went  in there was just a room with a blain color and 2 boring couches and in the middle of the room a women who looked as boring as the room there was elevator to  no  steps so i just thought thats where we were going but my mom walked up to the desk which a gold statue i did not relize and pulled on it suddenly the ground below the dexk opened up to step with blue light on it my mom then pointed her finger at me to come we had to at least go  down 60 steps before we got to a room with lots of people and kids in a line about my age and even younger who looked like me confuse at which was going on my mom then stoped and told me to get in the line being me i listened.in front of me a girl with short brown hair and a very pretty face i asked her if she knew why why she was in the line she respond saying that her mom said she was taking her to the mall and took her here i learned her name was nicole.we talked for while as more and more and more kids were piling up behind me when suddenly the line started to move and move i then started to see the line was going through a corner when i started to see a big  door which kids were going through  when i finally got in there was a big t.v and lots of seats i sat by nicole when the t.v came on and it started 

NARRTIOR;long ago there was a man and a wife who were very evil  they murder,torture people  but  they started getting older  and knew that when they died no on  can live there legacy so they went to every place they could and found more and more folower  who found more followrer who found even more follors it started geting crazy  when every day they got 50 follower estmated 1000 years later they have been wining or along time and have reached  a very very high limit of supporters but we need you to help- because with you we could win they think they have a avange but they do not because we good will away beat bad .

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