jasmine pov

when we got to the school  all the boys were looking with lust and the girls with jealosy

that's when twist group came 

twist ;hey new girl looking sexy 

he thinks am new 


twist pov  

she called me dumb i got to get with that


ray;she is so got dam sexy but she do not want you she want me

prod;naw she want all this

prince;she look like she was checking me out 

roc;y'all all wrong she want me

twist;she just said that so she would not hurt you feeling she wants me


every body's there except jasmine

jasmine pov 

i walk in the class it gets quiet

teacher;are you new here


teacher;who are you

me;jasminet Jones

the whole classes faces were priceless

teacher; well ok

twist pov

that girl was jasmine no wonder she said dumb-ass how can some one so ugly turn so sexy??

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