Christopher;look at the nerd reading a book [close it]



???;cat got your tongue bitch


???;shes so retarded


i can not believe he called me retarded i should say something back

jasmine;sorry but mom told my not to talk to weird people 

Christopher;ray,prod,roc prince is she talking to us

ray;yep pushes her to the ground

i do not know what to do next so i hit the closet person

me;hits Christopher not hard

Christopher;she hits like a cloud punches her stomach

me;trys to hit back  but prod and roc hold her arms back 

then next some one said the teacher is coming and everybody got up from the scene and opened up there books

teacher;class sees jasmines ms. Jones get off the floor we will have no more jokster in my class


skip to lunch 

me;sits at a empty table about to eat but the boys come at her table

ray;look at the nerd shes about to cry 

me;lay head down

Christopher;this is are table  and mom told me do not talk to hoes

me ;leaves


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