jasmine mom 

man i do not want to tell jenna what we,ve been keeping from her she might freak and hate us forever all i wanted to do was keep her safe but i  am such a bad mother i can,nt even do that some time i just wish  that i could go back in time and never joined 


jasmine;what was that about mom

jm;well baby remember when you were real little and i told you there are bad and there are good people in the world but always no the difference.

jasmine;yeah mom but what does that have to do with the phone call

jm;well there are also people in the world who wants everybody to be bad instead of good  and will stop at nothing to do so they are horrible people they will kill,torture,and do anything to get there why they get groups and groups of people who follow them and about 20 years ago they started kidnapping babies to train to be bad and evil.

jm;but there are also people who want to prevent the people who want to make everybody  bad thats me and your father and lots of other people and you see they usually recruit the children also when they turn eighteen but you see evil is has reached a really really high limit of followers and have whey more followers then us and if we go to battle with them we will lose badly so know the they are  recruiting anybody and i mean anybody that's why they need you

jasmine;mom i don,nt know if you think am five or something 

jm;jasmine why will i ever lie to you about  something so serous this is something very serous and baby we need to train you we need  you to find people to help believe me.

jasmine;fine OK i believe you

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