jasmines pov ok so am about to go shoping with jenna shes really changed my life its like she was sent here for me i can tell are friendship is tight,well anyway lets get down to the problem twist are chris or christerpher or what ever they call him i like him but he was really mean to me he never even tryed to get to know me.

all the mall

jennas pov ok i lied to jasmine i did it cause christopher really likes her what she doesnt, know is that this date is for her oh there she is

jenna:heyyy boo

jasmine:hey gurl

jenna:lets get shoping


jenna;lets go to forever 21

at forever 21

jenna;how about this one

jasmine;jenna you've been asking me what i like for 10 min chose what  you like

jenna;but i like your style

jasmine;fine well if i was u i would go for that cute midnight purple with those purple high hills

jenna;yeah thats perfict whats you size

jasmine;what do you mean

jenna;i want to see if we are the same size

jasmine;um a small and for the shoes a 6


jasmines pov well that was weird all she did was ask me what size and which stuff i wanted but know we are going to get something to eat at fridays

jenna;what is your fav color mines is green


jenna;what do you look in a guy

jasmine;well i want him to be sweet and funny, and be smart but not smarter then me i want a guy who i can talk to about stuff and he will listen i guy who loves me for me who is handsome has a good paying job and would never lie to me bring me flower just cause and most important a guy that every time  i look at him i feel a happy warm safe feeling as if there was nothing else in the world but us.

jenna;wow you most be a fairytale freak

jasmine ;am serous i will look for a guy like that

jenna;maybe the guy you need is right in front of you 

jasmine;your a MAN

jenna;hell no am taliking about christopher

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