jasmine pov  

why does he hate me so much 

skip at school 

i was opening up my locker and got my books next think i know it shut everybody in the hall is gone except prod, roc,ray,prince,and twist

ray;what do you got on 

twist; she is so ugly

prince;shes probley a man


boys beat her up they leave and the late bell rings

she gets there and the teacher asked her why she was late

diamond;cause she got her ass whopped 


another day of hell

twist pov finally its lunch ok jasmine is sitting we have a whole bunch of sticky syrup and bird feather and a sign that said chicken we walk up to her and por it on her then put the sign on her she cry's everybody is laughing and she runs of and some cute girls run toward her

??? pov

i am new to this school and  when i was eating my lunch thes boys pour this stuff on this girl so i ran to go help her

???;are you ok

jasmine; no

???;hi my name is jenna i know how you fill i was bulled at my old school

jasmine;you but your so pretty

jenns;yeah but they thought i was weird but you can not cry it makes them think your weak

jasmine;but i am weak

jenna ;no your not 

jasmine;i do not know why they bully me

jenna;its the way you dress and carry yourself if you Carry your self like your weak they will think you are weak if you dress like a geek they will call you a geek

jasmine;that's why they bully the  way i carry myself

jenna;yep hey how about you meet me after school at the mall 

jasmine; ok you know you are ruining your reputation

jenna;i do not care 

after school me and midnight went shopping for new clothes make up and i am sleeping over house 

jasmine;yo i mean like wow


jasmine;i can not believe we have so much in common

jenna;i thought i only like replacing the oreo froating with peanut butter and sryup

jasmine;i know right

jenna ;let me do your hair please


jenna;thank you best friend

jasmine pov i can not believe she called me best Friend

jasmine;yay i have a best friend

jenna;me to 

next day  

i get dress in my new outfit www.polyvore.com/cutie/set?id=85297954 i felt so pretty i had black skinny jeans that made my butt look great plus a 90 pink crop top which made my boobs pop out i had so pink boots with black shoe string i got a stomach pirceing and i had a diamond pink bow on it plus gold hoop earrings i had pink lipstick and eye shadow i got my braces took out and got hazel contact which was th color of my eyes jenna did a great job with my hair my long brown hair was curled with golden dye at the end my curves were great i looked goreges.

jenna;dammmmmmmm you look dammmmmmmmmm 

jasmine; i look like what



ps.jasmine looks like this

not the clothes her face

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