i sat there trying to take in with the video said when i realized i had to go get ready for my date i ran out the room looking for a exit i could not find anything i rushed over to my mom .

me-wheres the exit i have a date 

mom-um baby you can,nt leave

me-what please your going make me miss my first date

mom-am sorry baby

me-i can not believe you please let me leave[crying]

????-hey GURL


Jenna-who else would it be

me-you work here

jenna-no i just got here i saw you in the video room but you everytime i called your name you would not answer

mom-are you felicity daughter


mom-i could tell you to look so much alike

me-stop changing the subject mom i have a date please let me go

mom-if i could baby i would but i can,nt 

me-why not

mom-cause they have to train you before its to late

me-to late for what

mom-i have to go

me-mom wait why wo,nt you tell me

mom-i have to go look for some more recruits

i can not believe her she knows this is important to me yet she does this i can not believe am going to miss my first date cause of her i hate her so much i hate my dad i hate both of them they ruined my life.they were the reason we moved here they were the reason why i got bullied all they think of is them selves and this stupid place.

Janie-are you ok 


jenna-but look on the bright side you do'nt have to go on a date with twist

me-jenna  even though i do,nt like him its wrong to stand him up

jenna -i have a amazing idea jaz its perfict full proof no way i could fail

me-what is it

jenna-can not tell they might hear just follow me

i know this chapter is a little stupid maybe alot but ts going get a alot better next chapter so stay tuned

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