Chapter 2 | I Think I Broke My Nose

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"Perce c'mon"i slashed Riptide on his head but he ducked so quickly. He tried to hit my arm so I instantly blocked it with my sword. I pushed it forward and he backed away. We circled each other for a few moments until I lunged and slashed at his stomach, he being surprised at my sudden move didn't move and I succesfully made a wound on him.

Ichor came out of him.

He looked at me, smiling, "Nice one" but he suddenly had a serious expression, "My turn" he moved his hand and suddenly I was rising from the ground. Then I was slammed into the wall. I groaned in pain but Aether wasn't done. He willed the air to form like chains and just like that he had me stuck into the wall with chains connected from the wall to my wrists.

He smirked, "The battle is done"

I shook my head, "Not yet"

I moved my hand. It was painful though because the air chains were tight but I managed. I controlled the water and formed it into blades then I froze them, yes I can freeze stuff now and Vapor travel, turning them into ice blades.

Aether's eyes widened in astonishment and panic when he saw it since he didn't know that I perfected this technique already yesterday. And yes I have been planning this since then.

I smirked at him, "You know since it hurt a lot, you know these chains." I said shaking my hands to show it. "Let's double freeze it."

I made a layer of ice in each blade that were still floating in mid air.

"Payback"I said and I threw at least 30 ice blades at him.

So he went running along avoiding the blades I made.



"What the Hades?! Don't they stop?!"

I smiled, "No"

He got distracted and almost got stabbed in the eye but of course he dodged inches apart.

He lost his focus on keeping me chained and just tried to avoid the blades that was chasing him causing me to break free.

He looked furious so he flicked his hand and a gust of wind sweeped the blades away from him and crushing it.

"Finally!"he exclaimed.

But he made a mistake.

His eyes widened in fear when he realized but it was too late.

I knocked him over and in a split second I had my sword, Riptide to his neck.

I smirked, "Yield?"

He sighed in defeat,"I yield."

I laughed and stood up, helping him afterwards.

"I win"i said while grinning.

He glared at me, "Just because you never told me you can make ice blades"

I shrugged, "You don't tell your enemy your fighting secrets."I said in a matter-of-factly tone.


I rolled my eyes, manly way! "Why are even acting like Apollo?"i mumbled.

Well obviously he heard ut because he gasped and said, "Well he's my twin!"

I stared at him blankly, "No. Artemis is."

"But wait........."He said looking at me.


"Congratulations! You finally finished your training with me."Aether patted my back with a proud smile on his face.

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah whatever Aether"but I had a grin on my face. "I'm finally going back."I said.

He smiled at me. "You're going back"he confirmed, then the palace started moving.

I just looked down and look at what the mortals are doing. Since it's like 10:00 now, many of them were on the streets.

But couldn't help be worried. What happened at camp? The gods? Are they okay? Did anything bad happened? The first week of training, Athena, Apollo and Hades were in touch but after that we haven'th talked to them since but Aether said they were fine it's just that they were busy about their domains and other stuff.

"Hey Perce"I looked at Aether when I he called me. "It's another 2 hours before we get there you better take a nap"he said handing me an ambrosia for the cuts after training.

I took it and frowned, "Yeah thanks though, you should too since I defeated you"I said smirking.

"Shut it Perseus"he smiled triumphally when he saw my annoyed expression. I never liked being called that name.


"Perce, man wake up."i didn't move, "Ugh here we go again"i laughed, I can't hold it anymore. He's been waking me uo for 5 minutes.

I opened my eyes, "'Sup Aeth"he just glared at me.

I looked down at saw a familiar dragon. I smiled, "I'm back"

I felt a hand coming from the back of my head so I instantly ducked and twisted his arm. He groaned in pain while I smirked, "I think the training paid off"i said, teasingly. "Ha! Yah think!"he complained.

We both laughed.

"So what you gonna do after this?"I smirked at him, "Going back to your wife?"

His eyes widened, "No! I'm never going to that place again."I laughed

He glared at me."You better go ahead man"he said impatiently.

"Yeah I will"i said. Before I jumped I looked back at Aether who was smiling at me, "Aether"i called. "Yeah?"he asked. "Thanks, for everything"i said sincerely, he smiled. "No prob bro"i smiled back and jumped.

I landed gracefully.

I looked around and saw Peleus. I grinned. "Hey boy!" He made a sound and my grin widened.


I looked behind me and saw Nico.

"Nico! Wow that was just a month and you've grown!"

Yeah he was the same as my height now. That's just awesome! Plus he has this powerful aura that radiates death, which he always does but more powerful.

We had gotten over that crush thing now and he's like my brother. I mean it's still weird and awkward at times but it doesn't bother us anymore. It totally cleared the air.

He smiled and yes he does smile after the 2nd Giant War. "Well it looks like i'm not the only one who had serious training."He said gesturing to me. " Been training at camp for the past month huh?"

Oh so he didn't know too and obviously he wasn't at camp for a month too.

I smiled sadly, "It's not at camp, I just came back and you happen to see me."

He frowned, "What? Why not at camp"

I started walking towards the border while walking.

"I was with-Ow!"I bumped into something hard.


When I looked up I saw Nico looking at me worried.

"Ow! That hurt"i said holding my nose. "I think I broke my nose"

I looked at Nico, he looked around confused and walked through the border. He looked at me and said, "Try to walk towards me"

I did as he said and I hit something hard again.


I looked at Nico and he looked confused and shocked. I gave him sa questioning look.

"Wh- why would they?"he whispered.

"What?"I asked.

But then I realized then and there.

He didn't have to say it, "They blocked you out of camp."i nodded.

Using the barrier from Thalia's tree.

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