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Fracture (A Percabeth Chaos Army Fanfiction) by cocobutterkisses_
Fracture (A Percabeth Chaos Army Alexandra
𝓕𝓻𝓪𝓬𝓽𝓾𝓻𝓮(𝘯𝘰𝘶𝘯) The cracking or breaking of a hard object or material. -------------- When Percy left 8 years ago, he tried to forget. He did his best to get...
The King of the Galaxy by KillOctavian
The King of the Galaxyby maureen alexis
Everyone in Percy Jackson's life abandoned him. No one would accept him, even after he won the gods two wars and jumped in Tartarus for the one he loved most. He was exe...
The Betrayed One (Slow Updates)  by _ssssssssans
The Betrayed One (Slow Updates) by Sara
Being betrayed hurts but what hurts more that the people who you trust your whole life with betray you. Well Percy Jackson was betrayed by his friends. Used by his girl...
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The Deadly Assassin by FallDown5
The Deadly Assassinby Amber Killingson
(Cliché, I know, but wait. Just wait.) Luke, Selina, Charles, Bianca and Zoe were recruited to Chaos' army. While they are all powerful, they are nothing compared t...
Omega, prince of the universe by 1234S_
Omega, prince of the universeby ☆꧁ℋ𝖊𝖑𝖑𝖔 ℝ𝛂n𝖉𝖔𝖒 𝕊𝖙𝚛...
Betrayed abandoned and thrown out. What is he, a piece of paper. Well that's what they think. Camp half-blood has thrown out Percy like he was a old piece of trash. Watc...
Omega | Percy Jackson Fanfiction✔️ by thatredheadedwriter
Omega | Percy Jackson Fanfiction✔️by therealiamham
Along with the help of his friends, Percy Jackson saved Olympus and the world from the earth goddess, Gaea. However, instead of being welcomed to the home of the gods as...
Assassin of Worlds  {Percy Jackson Fanfiction} 🗸 by LittleLebs1
Assassin of Worlds {Percy Lebs
Theron. The name strikes fear into all that hear it. A cold-hearted killer known for bringing justice to the Universe through the cruelest ways ever known. With Chaos lo...
The Winged Warrior by catgirlisfangirl
The Winged Warriorby catgirlisfangirl
Betrayed. Abandoned. Destroyed. Percy Jackson has been deserted by those he trusted. But can he rise again? When he is given the option of a new life, will he take it? ...
Dreaming Alone (A Harry Potter and Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by Astoria_Greengrass
Dreaming Alone (A Harry Potter lum
**UNDER EDITING** Upon being betrayed by all his friends and cheated on by his girlfriend, Percy Jackson flees from Camp Half-Blood, broken hearted with an unquenchable...
Chaos' Army, The Soldiers From the Past by Demi_wizard8610
Chaos' Army, The Soldiers From Lena
''Sometimes being a false son, makes you a true person.'' I am Omega, the son of Chaos, the Commander of Chaos' army. I was given a mission, go to the planet earth, sa...
Repair (A Percabeth Chaos Army Fanfiction) by cocobutterkisses_
Repair (A Percabeth Chaos Army Alexandra
𝓡𝓮𝓹𝓪𝓲𝓻(𝘯𝘰𝘶𝘯) The action of fixing or mending something. -------------- (Book 2 of Fracture) When Percy returned to camp after 8 years, he was met with lots of...
The Beginnings of an Olympian by RavenWriter01
The Beginnings of an Olympianby RavenWriter01
Percy Jackson is forced to become an Olympian God by the Fates themselves. How does he handle being an Olympian? What about his new brother? Can he face a face of his p...
Choas's Captain by AllWolves
Choas's Captainby AllWolves
Four years ago Anabeth Chase cast aside Percy Jackson and made out with a Hermes kid. If she wouldve dumped Percy first, everyone thats alive this day would've thought h...
Percy Jackson and the Chaos Army by Krineko
Percy Jackson and the Chaos Armyby Krineko
This is like a usual chaos story. Percy get betrayed by the camp and the gods and finds Chaos. This is the usual with some new things. Also if you like the ideas in the...
An Unexpected Turn Of Events.-Chaos story- by SaLlyStArZ
An Unexpected Turn Of SaLlyStArZ
I am not going to write too much as it will spoil the book but this book is going to be the most original Chaos story that there is and will concern almost absolutely no...
Betrayed Loyalty (Percy Jackson) by EXMoonChild
Betrayed Loyalty (Percy Jackson)by MoonChild 🌙
You made me this way. My fatal flaw was Loyalty. You changed that. You killed Percy Jackson. All that's left of him is this beast. Whats my new fatal flaw? Kille...
Siren The Dark Angel of Chaos by TheBlackBasilisk
Siren The Dark Angel of Chaosby TheBlackBasilisk
Persephone Jackson was betrayed by the person she thought she could trust. Her best friend, Annabeth Chase, that's who. She was blamed for everything wrong. She is a dis...
Betrayed Heroes  by cuddles90902
Betrayed Heroes by Narry Storan
When a quest went wrong Percy and Jason are sent to fix it. They arrive back early and go to surprise their girlfriends. They expected to be welcomed back with open arms...
Chaotiki Angeloi (Chaotic Angels) [Percy Jackson] by Chaotic_Angelsass
Chaotiki Angeloi (Chaotic Angels) Anti
Soon after the war with Gaea, Percy was going to propose to his loving girlfriend, Annabeth. But what he finds shatters his heart forever. Percy Jackson runs away from...
Chaos Army in Goode High(COMPLETE) by GreekHero264
Chaos Army in Goode High(COMPLETE)by Greek Hero 264
Hello I am Commander Omega I have a team of demigods so we were mostly troublemakers but one day we pushed too far and we had to go to High School for an entire year and...