10) baddie

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I close my locker and start to walk to the from of my classroom

"hey baby girl" Geo say pecking me lips

"geo.. We are in school" I say pushing him

"I could care less" he chuckles

I roll my eyes and kiss him

"you have English right now right?"

"yeah sadly" I sigh "but my teacher isnt here"

"well then I'm joining your class"

"no Geo your gonna get in trouble"

"no I'm not that Jacob kid is absent, so I'll just pretend I'm him"


we walk into the class and I walk over to my usual seat which is in the front of the class next to the window.

Geo grabs my waist and I turn around confused

"let's sit in the back"

"Geo" I stomp my feet

"cmon we won't even pay attention to what he's teaching"

"okay fine"

"Goodmorning class I will be your substitute for today, My name is Mr. Gall, he says as he writes on the board."

"Your teacher instructed me to turn on a film on the lesson you've been learning, and that's basically it."

He turns the lights off and everyone start to take out there snacks. Others, for instance me and Geo,took out our phones.

I browse on social me soda and caught up on things

Geo puts his hand in my thigh, but I shrug it off

his hand slowly starts moving up my shirt and a gasp falls between my lip

"Geo!"  I whisper swatting his arm

people turn around, "boo, you can turn around now" I say and they mind there own business

"shh, it's ok don't make it to obvious" he complains

I put my phone down, and pretend as if I'm watching the movie

his cold hand reaches under my shirt and I push myself closer to him.

I was scared that we will get caught, but the thought of doing such a naughty thing in class turns me on. as much as I hate it tho.

I put my hand on his leg as he puts his cold finger down my panties

I close my legs, and his hand is trapped between my thighs

he starts to rub me and I shift my legs


I glance at him, his eyes full of lust

I feel him shove his finger in me and I nearly fall from my chair

he thrusts his finger in and out of me and I bite my lip holding back the small moans wanting to come out of my mouth

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