11) birthday suprise

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I yawn and walk to the bathroom, splashing waking me up

the clock hit 11:00am and Geo was returning home from the Poms tour so he can celebrate his birthday

I decided I want to surprise him by telling him to come over my house after he's down celebrating with family to watch some Netflix

I start to set everything up before he comes.

I light up candles around the staircase followed with some red rose petals, focusing on the bedroom

I then run to the bathroom and change into my maroon lace panties and bra with a silky black robe

I smile at myself in the mirror and I hope he likes it

I pick up some mascara,I lightly apply some, followed with a smoky eye

I usually don't wear makeup at all, but I felt like today was the perfect day to wear it. I wanted to look my very best for him.

I apply some matte lipstick, I look at myself in the mirror and I feel sexy and proud of myself

I lastly wanted to smell good so I sprayed Victoria Secret perfume in "Fearless"

the smell of toasted vanilla and cherry blossoms lingered my body, I remembered him saying this is his favorite scent on me

I lay in bed and wait for Geos call

*my phone vibrates*


"hey I'm on my way to the house"

"okay,how was it?"

"it was great, I saved you some food if your hungry"

"thanks babe, you know me very well"

we laughed and hanged up

I hear the front door open and then close

"baby girl I'm home" he says in a cheerful tone

I walked down with my two piece on and  my silky black robe

As Geo is putting away the plate of food, his back was facing me so I took advantage

I walk behind him and wrap my hands around his waist and kiss his neck on his weak spot

"happy birthday daddy" I say seductively

he turns around and I remove the bathrobe slowly letting it fall to the floor

his eyes widen at my appearance as he watches my actions

"wow,um, you look sexy" he says as his eyes flutter

"you looks even sexier" I say pulling his tie into a kiss, still not letting my grip on him go away, I make him follow me upstairs

I pull him into the lighted bedroom and sit him on the chair in the middle of the room

"baby, you did all of this" he says in a husky voice

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