1) meet & greet

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I look through my closet and my drawers to find something to wear.

"hmm. Maybe this?" I say turning around showing my friend Hal's on FaceTime

"Ooh sexy y/n, but in my opinion I think you should go with the crop top and jeans"

"that's what I was thinking too, I'm gonna wear it" I put back the outfit I have on the hanger and pull out my white crop top and a pair of light washed jeans

"Okay well I'm gonna go and get ready, I'll FaceTime you or text you when I'm at the place"

"Kk, I hope you have fun" Hal's says ending the call

I close my laptop and start to get ready. I slip on my shirt and my jeans.

"Dang I can't even put on theses jeans, I need to stop eating junk food"

I curl my hair and I clip some pieces to the back. I then apply my mascara and liquid eyeliner.

"Just forgot one more thing" I put on my flamingo necklace.

"Y/N TIME TO LEAVE, ILL BE THE AGE OF 57 WHEN YOU FINISH GETTING READY" my mom says yelling from downstairs

"I'm coming I'm coming, do you want me to look like trash, even tho I already do?" I say grabbing my bag and speed walking down the stairs

I put on my white low top converse, and walk to the car.

"Are you ready now? It shouldn't take you that long Y/n" my mom says while starting up the car

" Yes ma I'm done, it only took about 15 minutes, your sound like I took 5 hours"

"Cause you did take long, but let's just get going. I gotta date with your father tonight"

"Oh great, then who's gonna pick me up?"

"I'll pick you up, I'm not gonna leave you waiting in the streets or taking an uber or something. You can get raped"

"I'm 15 ma in not a baby anymore, I can handle my own"

"Oh really then explain to me why Haley had to walk you home because you were "drunk" My mom says putting an eyebrow up

"Well that's a long story, I don't need to get in too detail"

*An hour later*

My mom pulls up to a sidewalk next to a building where a bunch of girls are lined up screaming.

I start to smilie and my hands start shaking

" mom, I'm actually meeting the love of my life. This can't be happening"

" Yeah yeah. I hope you have fun. Text me when you get out" my mom says pushing me out of the car

"Obviously you don't understand my love for him.. And okay bye" I say stepping out of the car

"Bye bye love you" She says blowing a kiss and drives out

I walk across the street and wait at the end of the line.

I end up waiting there for about and hour and a half.

I let some of the girls behind me go in front of my, because I heard when your last you get to tale you time.

I walk up to the entrance of the venue, and get my wristband. A lighted up stairway is at the entrance, and I walk up to where the meet and greet is.

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