20) worthy.

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*vibration* a text pops up on my phone.
"hey girl.." my friend Natasha says
"heyy" i say
"what you doing later on tn🙂"
"nothing, watching netflix and getting fat..the usual lol"
"well you won't be like for long, imma come over and explain"
"alright..damn just invite yourself over"
"you know i never ask, you always let me in anyways🤪"
I put my phone down and get dressed.
"I guess I have to get up from this comfy spot on my bed" I say to myself
I walk out my room and try to find my mom, just to let her know that Natasha is coming over.
"Hey ma, Natasha is coming over..she wants to take my somewhere tonight." I say while plopping myself onto the couch
"Hm okay... your room better be cleaned before you do or go anywhere" she gives me the side eye
"But why..if I can just do it tomorrow" I roll my eyes
"Don't question me, clean your room or your not going anywhere. It's simple." she gives me a fake smile and signals me to go to my room
I groan and walk myself upstairs again
"Ugh why does this house have so many stairs" I sigh
"It's for lazy asses like you"
I'm surprised she actually heard me say that, usually she's deaf and can't hear a word I say. I start cleaning my room and put everything away. Then a hour later the doorbell rings.
"That must be her"
I walk downstairs once again and open the door
"Wassup sis" she smilies widely and makes her way in
"Hey.. so what did you want to explain to me before"
"Let's go upstairs and I'll explain. HI MRS. your last name"
"omg you have a better relationship with my mom then I do" I laugh
We both walk into my room and sit on my carpet.
"So the reason I wanted you to get up, is we are gonna head the mall. This guy wanted me to put him on to you, since he thought you were cute. Imma be chillin with his friend. So it's sorta like double date..even tho we aren't really dating them"
"Um..but idk how this guy looks and you know me im shy a hell around guys I don't know" I say looking nervous
"don't be nervous I'm gonna be with you, and he is kinda shy too, that's what his friend said." She smilies and looks excited
I'm thinking in my head how this girl and just hook me up with a guy that I don't even know or even how he looks like. Should I go? I mean being single is getting boring now. I need me a lil boo. Even tho I look like I got hit by a truck..it's all cool. It's totally not, this is gonna be a disaster.
"I don't know about this..I look like I just rolled out of bed"
"That's why I came, to make you look like ya little cute self"
She grabs my wrist and sits me down on my vanity chair. She starts brushing my hair and straightening it. Then she starts putting a minimum amount of makeup.
"Alright..it's coming together, now you gotta pick a cute outfit"
I chose these ripped jeans and a white long sleeve body suit with my black and white vans.
"Ugh, these jeans are a struggle to put on" I try to get them past my butt but it won't budge
"Here let me help" she grabs the waist of my jeans and I jump up to get them to go on and it actually works.
"Damn, how'd you do that?"
"I learned from this funny vine" she laughs
"I'm not gonna ask..but I think im ready"
"Perfect, you look like a snack girl"
"Thanks..so how are we getting there?"
"We are taxi which is outside right now"
"How is it here if I didn't see you call it?"
"I told him to stay till I come out" she smirks
I grab my bag and walk downstairs and head out the door. I try not to overthink on how this all will go, so I think about what other Netflix show I should binge watch. The taxi takes a stop and we are already at the front of the mall
"We are here, they are already here so" she gives the taxi drives it's money and walks out
My heart sinks down to the bottom of my chest. I feel like I'm about to throw up. I hate being around people I don't know. Anyways..we head into the mall and start walking to the spot that the guys are at.
"They should be in front of target on the 4th floor..are you ready to meet him?"
"Uh idk about that" I say bitting onto my nails
I bite my nails whenever I'm nervous or play with my hair. It's a habit. We stand in front of target and wait for them to come by. I look around to see what I'm about to get myself into too. I see two guys come towards our direction
"Finally.. Wassup y'all" she goes over to one of them and wraps her arms around his neck. And he grabs her butt
"Well that was fast.. sheesh." I look down and try not to make eye contact with the other one
"So Geo this is Y/N, Y/N this is Geo" she get off of the other guy and stands next to him
"Wassup pretty" he says and grins
"H-hi" I stuttered, so embarrassing. This happens every fucking time.
" So what we gonna do?" his friend says
"This is Zach" he elbows him
"Oh yea sorry, Wassup" he says putting his phone in his pocket
"We can go to the arcade or something"
"Ight" We all walk together in a line, I stand next to Geo and Natasha is on the other side with Zach. We go inside the arcade and buy some coins.
"I gotchu, you don't gotta pay for anything" he puts 5 dollars in the slot machine and some coins come out
"Oh um thank you Geo" I put my hair behind my ear and grab the coins
Me and Geo go in our separate directions from Natasha and Zach. We head to the basketball shot game. I can't even make a shot when I try to throw the garbage away, so I know for damn sure I can't even shoot a basketball.
" I suck at this" I say while putting a coin into the machine
"Well I can help you" he laughs and stands behind me
I feel one of his hands touch my waist and the other one on my arm. He caresses my arm and I feel chills down my spine.
"You just gotta be smooth with it" He whispers in my ear, I feel his soft cheeks against mine
I didn't really wanna move, even though i didn't know the kid. Who would wanna leave this moment. I needed to take time of this moment. Any who, I shoot a goal in, and i was surprised. Then he keeps shooting and I just watch.
"Well that was easy" I giggle
"You have a cute laugh" he looks into my eyes " I wanna get to know you"
"Me too, we can sit down in that couch over there" I walk over to the couch and sit down. He sits right beside me and I feel his arm wrap around my shoulder.
An hour goes by and I learned so much about him. He's such an interesting person and he's down to earth. I think I might be catching feelings for him.
I feel his arm slide down to my waist and he pulls me closer. My cheeks start to become hot.
"I think I'm starting to really like you Y/N, by getting to know you, your just what I imagined and want" He leans in and gently grabs my face to turn to him. All I could feel was something soft come to my face. Obviously it was his lips. But damn it was so soft. He sticks his tongue and I didn't know how to react so I slipped my tongue in too. I lean my body in and sit onto of his lap. He puts both of his hands onto my ass and squeezes them. Things escalate quickly. But it was well worth it. I'm surprised no one caught us.
But the night ended and I went back home with Natasha.

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