12) little teaser

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"y'all I just ordered some pizza" maddie said while putting the phone down

"finally I'm starving" Nick whines

"do y'all wanna watch a scary movie or-?"

"yes!we should watch Clown!" Nick yelps

"okay geez chill" she giggles turning off the lights and turning in the tv

Geo chuckles as I snug into his warm comfy chest.His heartbeat strikes my ear and the sound of him breathing already makes me wanna sleep.

"already sleeping babe?" his soft hands caresses my cheek

"mhm no just resting my eyes" I smilie hiding my face into his shirt

"yea right,you always say that and leave me talking to myself"

"no I never do that!" I laugh getting out of my comfy position

he rolls his eyes "are you made at me baby?" I say in a baby tone grabbing his face as he turns his head the other way acting upset

I peck his lips and he turns his head not watching my affection

I kiss his cheek a million times and ask him not to be mad

"fine then you don't wanna kiss me " I say crossing my arms and scooting away from him

"no no no yes I do" he says putting his arms around my waist and pulling me close to him again

"no you don't love me" I pout

" y/n baby girl yes I do" he chuckles while his soft lips meeting mine again

"ew can you not we're trying to watch a movie!" Nick whines

"sorry" I giggles

25 minutes later...

the movie is halfway almost ending as I'm half asleep

"are you sleepy?" Geo asks making me open my eyes

"mm a little, I'm just tired" I groan

" lay down baby girl" he says putting my head onto his chest

I do as he says but I still don't feel comfortable

"ugh I wanna lay down" I whine

" just stay-"

"I'll just lay down here" I say putting my head on his crotch, my feet hitting the corner of the couch

"oh okay" he chuckles placing his hand on my head

one of his fingers lays between the crack of my lips and I peck his soft finger

I lay there still half asleep as I'm awoken by the sounds of moans

"what the fuck-" I open my eyes fully and notice the sex scene going on in tv

under my head I feel a slight nudge on my right ear as I'm laying on my side soon I realize I'm still laying on Geos crotch

my eyes widen as I realize he getting a full on erection, I feel my sex area start to throb as I turn my head looking at him, he smirks and I smilie looking over at Maddie and Nick who are both asleep

I turn my head over kiss his hard shaft that's hides under his shorts

he flinches and places his bottom lip between his teeth

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