5) hangover

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"ugh mom is my hair ok?" I whine

"yes it's fine, all your doing is hanging out with Mario.Your not going to some strip club." she says fixing up dinner

"I know but I like to look nice" I say applying some mascara

I hear my phone vibrate in my back pocket of my jeans, and it's Mario texting me

Mario: I'm here. Outside your house, going to kidnap you

Me: Lol yea won't be happening. You know what I'll do to you.

Mario:😂😂 just come outside silly

"Mom he's here, I'll text you when I come back home. If your here" I say walking out the door

"Okay, bye love you. Stay safe" my mom says muffled from behind the door

I walk to Marios car, and jump right in

" well hey there "kidnapper" I say sarcastically

"that's right, now give me your money" he says in a deep man voice

"that's what a robber says Mario" I say chuckling

"Shutup. Don't judge me" he says playfully rolling his eyes

I playfully punch his shoulder and reach over to buckle up my set belt

"so about this hangout thing.. I invited some of my good friends over as well" he says starting up the car

"oh cool, and who are those people?" I say

"Julian Jara and Jovani Jara, and Geo Roman" he says while driving off the curb

"they sound familiar, do I know them" I say looking down at my phone

" They broadcast as well, you may know them" he says stopping the car quickly

" Mario! Why did you just do that" I say looking down at the car to see why he stopped

" I don't want to hurt the damn squirrel" he says chuckling

"ugh I hate you" I say looking out the side window

"you know you love me" he say trying to pull me to face him

I try not to smilie but it's so hard not to laugh or smilie around him.

"just drive" I say with a smilie forming on my face

"ah I made you smilie" he says smiling looking down at the steering wheel

A few minutes later, he finally pulls up to his house.

"finally we are here at your house" I say sliding out the car

"yea yea" he says gripping my wrist pulling me inside the house

I walk into the house seeing Cat and Momma Selman

"hey my second mom and cat" I say hugging them

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