13) acquainted

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I apply my mascara and my glossy lipgloss. I put on my black sandals and bring my small purse.

"All set" I say looking at myself in the mirror

"Now all I need to do is wait.." I walk downstairs and sit on the couch,looking through Instagram

I hear the doorbell ring and a small knock on the door, I walk over to the door and open it

"hi baby girl, you ready?" he says pecking at my lips

He looked so damn fine, he had a dark blue polo shirt sleeve with some light washed jeans. God damn, I'm hella lucky.

"ready as I'll ever be" I smilie

"Now where are you taking me?"

"I can't say, it's a surprise." he grabs my wrist and takes me to the car

"can you just give me a little hint" I grab his hand while he starts to drive

" it's some place your gonna love" he giggles

---10 minutes later---

we finally arrive at the mysterious place, the moment I came out the car I saw a beautiful sunset.

"omg babe,this is beautiful" I say looking up at the sky

"this is not the only thing, follow me" he grabs my hand and takes me into this empty grass field

I saw tiny lanterns hanging on a tree, with a blanket and some pillows on the floor, looking up to a beautiful sunset

I couldn't even speak at this moment, it was beautiful.

"omg..I don't even know what to say"

"do you like it?" He turns me around to face him

"I don't like it...I love it. This is beautiful babe" I lean my hands on his chest and gently kiss his lips

"Happy 1 year anniversary, I love you so much" he says with lust in his hazel eyes

We talked and looked at the sunset,while eating some pizza and drank some champagne.I couldn't ask for anything better.

Geo gently grabs my chin and kisses me seductively, he bites my bottom lip asking for entrance and I let him.

I feel my entrance throb and juju start to have an erection,since his legs are in between mine

He leads on wet kiss down to my chest and my weak spot, letting out a small moan

"I've been wanting to do this to you so bad, your sexy ass body just turns me on" he pulls off my shirt,leaving me in my bra and shorts

I go on with it and pull off his shirt

"are you sure we can do this here?"

"no ones here babe" he says sucking on my breast

I let out small moans,while I try to unbutton his pants

He bruises my right breast and leaves wet kisses down to the hem of my shorts

I pull off his pants and Calvin Kleins, and see juju rise up

I stroke it up and down causing some heat, and I see his bottom lip sink in between his teeth

I lick around the tip and put it inside my mouth, bobbing my head up and down

His head falls back "fuck just like that"

"you like that don't ya" I say kissing his shaft

he removes my panties to the side and rubs my entrance

"your so wet for me babe"

He thrusts two fingers in and out of me without even asking

I let out a really loud moan, and I feel my entrance about to explode

"Fuck me already"

He takes out his finger and puts it in my mouth,making me lick my own juices

He places his body on top of my softly kissing my plump lips, putting juju inside me

It felt so good, pleasure was running up and down my body. I felt my climax coming.

His speed starts to go faster, and I feel my walls getting tighter.But I don't want too cause it feels so good.

I grip my hands on the blanket,trying to hold in my juices and let out a loud moan

"I'm gon-gonna cum" he says pulling out juju, his warm cum all over my chest

We lay breathless next to eachother

"I love you" I say kissing his plump lips

"I love you too"

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