4) morning

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I started to turn back in forth in bed, and I yawn at how sleepy I am

I turn around to my side, and see Geo sleeping

A smile starts to spread across my face and I get out of bed

I walk to the bathroom and brush my teeth and wash my face with some facial cleanser

I dry my face with a towel, and start to walk down the stairs to eat some breakfast

I hear a dog a few steps away from me, but it was just Rambo

"hey Goodmorning Rambo" I say bending down to pet him

I walk to the kitchen and cook some chocolate chip waffles with some fried eggs, while I'm eating Rambo comes over begging for food

" this is human food, not dog food. I will only give you a small piece" I say dropping a price of egg on the ground

I start to finish my plate, I walk over to the faucet and clean it.

there was still a lot left, so I save it for Geo when he wakes up.

I walk to the couch and watch some Family Guy. My eyes start to get tired and I look over at the time. It was 6:00 am

"Remind me again why I am up so early" I say turning off the tv and slide off the couch

I decide to go back to bed, and cuddle with the cutie on the bed

I walk to the room and slide underneath the sheets and I warp Geos arms around me, as i shut my eyes to go back to sleep.

I hear muffled moans coming from behind me

I turn around to face him

"Y/N.." He moans my name

"He must be dreaming" I said laughing

I pull up the sheets and I see him having an erection

I slide my hand over his boxers as juju twitches at my touch

"Mmm" he moans again

gently I slide his boxers off, trying not to wake him up. I look up to see if he woke up, but he's still sleeping like a little baby

I stroke him and place it in my mouth. I trace my tongue around the tip

I move my tongue down and lick it at an upward motion placing himself fully in my mouth

I move my head up and down creating moisture and heat

I feel him pull the blanket to a side and my head shoots up right away

"mm nice way to wake me up" he says giggling

I blush " you wear moaning my name, so I continued your pleasant dream" I say sitting on top of him pecking at his plump lips

He slides his hands down to my waist and clamps it there

" y/n your so fucking sexy" he's say in a morning voice

I start to rock my hips back and forth on his body, as I feel wetness caress between my thighs

"I'll let you fuck me, only in on condition, you have to tell me about your dream" I say starting to go back to sucking juju again

"ok fuck well we were at a party or something" he says stuttering

"mhm" I say making eye contact with him

"fuck please don't stop" he says pulling his bottom lip between his teeth.

I smilie and I start to move my head up and down seeing pleasure on his face

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