15) caught in the act

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I walk to the front door and unlock it with the home keys under the carpet

"Babe,I'm home!!" I shout from downstairs

I put my purse on the rack next to the door as I walk in. I kick my shoes off and furrow my eyebrows at no response from Geo.

I check around the house to see where Geo, there was no sign of him. I walk up stairs to see if he was in his room.

When I was approaching our room I begin to hear moans, sounding a lot like Geo's.

I tip toe to the door,smirking as I peek through the crack of the door.

I watch Geo as he lays in bed, pumping his own length

The sight instantly turns me on and I find it hard not to just burst into the room

I grow hungry and soon become unpleased with the actions I tried to bring upon myself.

I peek through the doors again,seeing Geo thrusting his length harder.

"oh,fuck y/n please" I was afraid that he caught me as I shy away from the door, just realizing that he is fantasizing that I am in his presence, which puts me over the edge

I slowly tip toe my way into the room, trying to remain as quiet as possible. I put my bottom lip between my teeth as I see the sight before me.

He is just so damn sexy. He finally notices me when I sit down at the edge of the bed.

"Shit y/n" he quickly looks away, a blush appearing on his cheeks.

I giggle at his reaction, wrapping my hands around his length

"it's okay babe" I look back up at him, beginning to slowly pump my hand up and down his hard length

My movements begin to quicken, he moans at the pleasure I'm giving him

I lower my head down, my hair falling around my face as I twirl my tongue around his tip

Geo bunches my hair up into his hand to help get it out my face, also being able to control me easier

He groans as I continue to teasingly suck on his head, he slightly pushes down on my head, wanting me to move further down

I allow his hand to guide my head all the way down his length

My eyes start to water and I gag due to how long and thick his length is

I catch my breath and move back down, bobbing my head up and down, receiving loud moans from him

"holy fuck y/n" he continues to guide my head up and down

I look up to see his head rolled back, his eyes opening to meet mine

I speed up my movements,repeating them over and over again.

It wasn't long until he bucked his hips and his warm cum squirts into my mouth

I lick him clean, as I always do. That's the way he likes it

I sit myself up, leaning forward to give him a peck on the lips. Beads of sweat running down his forehead.

"As long as I'm around, you should never have to please yourself, that's my job" I peck his lips again

"Did I make you feel good babe?" His eyes grow wide as he quickly nods breathless at my question

"You should do that more often" he smirks " but now it's time for me to return the favor" I chuckle as he flips our positions

He kisses me roughly, while his tongue slips into my mouth, no need for any permission for access.

His right hand slowly rubs up and down my thigh, while his other hand massages my breast

I quietly moan when his hand quickly slides down my leggings, rubbing my entrance

he looked into my eyes as he takes off my clothing. He takes off my bra and throws it to the side

"I can make you feel good too y/n" I watch as he teasingly pulls down my panties with his teeth, and I smirk at him

once he takes off my panties he goes down on me

he lightly sucks on my clit, he licks me not missing a single part done there.

I grip onto his hair as he had done to me to keep him in his place. I did not want him to stop.

He flicks his warm tongue and slides a finger in me thrusting in and out of me.

My lose my breathe and I can't even speak, it just feels so good

"fuck Geo" I moan as he slides another finger in me, his movement starts moving faster and deeper

He loses his touch on me for a few moments, I didn't want to lose his touch

"p-please don't stop" I stutter

His expression holds a smirk and he places a slow wet kiss on my entrance

I pull his head back down to me, as I still have control of his movements

He slips both fingers back into me roughly and I feel my climax about to come

He harshly sucks on my clit, I arch my back as he thrusts a few times, my legs start to shake and I feel my walls start to close

I release my held in breath at I cum on his finger inside me, he looks back at me as he pulls his finger out and licks the juices

"Did I make you feel good babe" he asks pecking my lips

"yes, I love you" I smilie

"I love you most"

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