19) mr.teacher

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The bell rings and it was last period, it was finally time for me to home.This is the only best part about school

"Y/N can I see you after class please?" Mr.eRoman asked putting his papers in a bunch

I have a pretty bad grade in the class...and what I mean by pretty bad is bad. There's no surprise why he wouldn't ask me to stay after

"Sure thing,sir" I place both my legs on top of my desk

"And please put your feet down.This is school...not a bed" he motions his hands to put my feet down

I did what I was told and roll my eyes

Class was done, and all the other students ran out to go to there buses and such.

But instead of me being at my house I had to stay at school. Sitting my ass on my desk, doing nothing

"Y/N..." he leans on his desk

"Mr.Roman..." I say back

He sighed and stood straight, then walked his way over to me

"What college are you gonna be going too"

"I don't want to go" I say making it clear

He chuckled and shook his head in amusement

"Don't you want money?" He asked as he looked up at me

"What? You're gonna ask me to strip?"

"I mean, do you want a good job to get money?" He chuckled, he places his elbows on my desk making his suit tighten showing off his buff arms

"What's the catch?" I get straight to the point

"I just want you to go to college....that's all.in order to do that,you'd have to have a good grade. Especially in English which is the class I teach you. And you can get that" he smirks

"How?" I ask nervously

Mr.Roman chuckles stood behind me and traces his fingers down my breast

"I'll show you" he whispers in my ear

I stood up and turn my head towards him

" ok Mr.know it all...show me" I smirk

He grinned and made his way towards me

He tagged onto the collar of my sweater, he slid it off me and placed it on a desk

He pulled me close to him and pulled my leg on his waist

He grabbed the sides of my neck and planted kisses on my plump lips

I couldn't help but kiss back. I mean..Mr.Roman is the hottest teacher in this whole school.

He started to take off his upper suit and threw it somewhere

He grabbed on of my legs and pulled it up his torso, so know he was carrying me without breaking the kiss

He held my ass cheeks with his hands as he made his way to his desk

He swooshed everything that was on it onto the ground

I started to take off my shirt while he was unbuttoning his

I traced my hands done his abs that was what all the girls wanted to see

I started to undo his belt and dig my hand in

I grabbed his length and pulled it straight out

I started to rub it and the I twirl my tongue around the tip

I slid my tongue down and then sticked my whole thing in my mouth causing me to choke at bit, but I didn't really mind

He pulled my shoulder to make me face him, he kissed my plump lips roughly

He then traced those kisses down my jawline,on my neck, then on my chest, then on my stomach until he reached the hem of my jeans

He started to slip my jeans off and he placed wet kisses on my inner thighs

He kept rubbing my clit through my panties causing me to grow hungry for him

He smirked with his eyes full of lust and started slipping off my panties

"All this for me?" He asked referring to how wet I was

I nodded, then he started sucking my wet entrance causing me to arch my back

The way he just flicked his warm tongue and the say he moved his tongue on my clit felt amazing

I kept on moaning softly as he explored everything done there

His tongue exploring everything felt so damn good

He flicked his tongue on my clit again making me moan curse words

He stopped and stood up, he had his length on his hand as he rubbed it

He placed his length on top of my clit and rubbed against it

Then he slowly slipped in me causing me to moan in pleasure

He slowly went in and out of me. I wrapped my legs around his waist making his length enter in me whole

"for a junior, you can really fuck good" he said

He kept going in and out of me faster every second

I kept moaning as he banged his body against mine

"Go harder" I whispered as his head was on my chest and me grabbing his hair

He went even faster and harder causing my breast to start bouncing

He started to go slower, which felt more relieving and soft

"Maybe you're a good student. You have a good taste and your voice sounds beautiful when you moan" he chuckles with a wink

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