Chapter 10

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General Langdon's men came at just the right moment.They took the Queen to another armored car to take her to Oreville Residences.

"Your Highness,are you okay?"a paramedic asked while escorting the Queen to the car.

"I'm okay,thank you."the Queen replied.

"Queen bee has landed.I repeat,Queen bee has landed.Let's move out."the driver said through his radio.

"Are you guys okay?"Arthur said through his radio sounding like he's out of breath.

"Yup,I'm okay."Brittney replied.She is also out of breath.

"Besides the fact that I just got shot in my arm,yeah I'm very much okay."Stanford replied sarcasticly while entering an ambulance.

"Just walk it off."Arthur said sarcasticly while entering another car.

The Queen arrived at Oreville Residences as sound as a whistle.
Everyone crowded the car as soon as it came in.

Arthur and Brittney went out of the car to escort the Queen inside.They too were crowded by many reporters as soon as try came out of the car.

On his way to the nearest hospital,many reporters came in hoping to get a statement from Stanford.Everyone was anxious about his current state.

Stanford's father arrived at the hospital just after Stanford arrived.Many reporters asked him questions but he just walked past through them.

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