Chapter 9

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The motorcade scattered through the fields then formed a blockade.The people riding the two cars behind the motorcade earlier,engaged in fire with the guards in the motorcade.

"Xander!"Alice shouted through the radio"Xander,tell your father to send reinforcements 3 miles down the freeway."

"Why?!"Xander asked.

"The Queen is under attack!"Alice replied.

"We're on it."Xander said.

"What's taking the Queen so long?"Lord Oreville asked General Langdon.

General Langdon had no idea.Everyone was nervous.Suddenly,something seem to have exploded far away.

"What in God's name was that?!"General Langdon asked while gazing through the night sky.

"Dad!Dad,the Queen's motorcade is under attack!We must send reinforcement now!"Xander told his father totally out of breath.

"Move out!Now!"General Langdon shouted to his men.

Arthur was having a hard time fighting these guys.The guards were being shot one by one.It was down to just Arthur,Brittney,Stanford and just a handful of men left when General Langdon and his men came to rescue them.

The people firing at them quickly backed down and left when the reinforcements came.

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