Chapter 15

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An ambulance came and quickly rushed Prince Albert to a hospital.Arthur insisted that Brittney should go to the hospital with the prince.

"Alice,back up?"Arthur asked.

"They're on their way."Alice replied.

On the way to the hospital,the driver got shot so Brittney took over the wheel.Two cars were following them while shooting at them.

"Alice send back up.Tell them to meet us at the hospital!"Brittney said while shooting at the cars following them.

"Okay,but how is the Prince doing?"Alice asked.

"Not well."Brittney replied.

Back up finally came to the airport but they were just few for some of them went to the hospital.

As like they did at the freeway,the terrorists fled when back up came in.At the trip to the hospital,the terrorist stop following them a mile before they could arrive to the hospital.

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