Chapter 3

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Following the death of Lady Dashwood was yet another attack on London.Not only did the terrorist attack London but they also kidnapped the son of Lord Oreville,Robert Oreville.

ISIS broadcasted clips of how they tortured Robert.They did heinous kinds of torture until he eventually died.The ISIS leader,still anonymous,demanded £500,000,000 or the attacks will continue until every last Lord or anyone royal is dead.

The country watched in horror as Robert Oreville get decapitated by ISIS men.The Queen could barely watch the clips.Arthur watched with anger while Brittney watched with fear written all over her face.

Queen Elizabeth II immedietly called her generals to gather all the most skilled soldiers,guards or agents they have.

Arthur and Brittney went to Buckingham Palace to volunteer.The Queen knew that the two of them were both skilled so the Queen said yes.

It was down to the last three agents and they could only choose two.

They chose Alice and Xander.Stanford was an exception,he will be the team's supplier of weapons.

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