Chapter 2

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It was just a normal day on London,everyone was doing their own things,suddenly an IED exploded from the west wing of Westminster Palace.The Lords was currently having a meeting at the House of Parliament.No one was at the west wing when it exploded except for Arthur's mother;Lady Dashwood.

Arthur and Brittney just finished their training.As they were coming down the stairs to the exit,reporters crowded them and asked them questions about the IED that bombarded the west wing of the House of Parliament.

"Sir,do you have any idea who is behing the bombings at the parliament?"a reporter asked.

Arthur and Brittney stared to each other wondering about the news they just heard.

"Sir,any news about your mother,Lady Dashwood?"another reporter asked.

"What?!"Arthur asked with a shaky voice "What happened to my mum?! Is she okay?!"

They quickly rushed to the hospital where his mother is being treated.When they arrived to the hospital,his mother was on the brink of death.

"Mum please tell me you're okay"Arthur said crying besides his mum.

"Arthur,promise me that you'll be okay."Lady Dashwood said.

"I will be.Just don't die yet.Mum,mum don't leave us."Arthur said while still crying.

"Arthur avenge me,our family and our country"Lady Dashwood said with her last dying breath.

Arthur went out the door with tears on his face.Brittney followed to comfort him.

"I'm absolutely certain that your mum is going to a better place"she said while giving Arthur a hug.

At the entrance of the hospital,reporters wait anxiosly for word about Lady Dashwood's condition.Lord Dashwood finally went out of the hospital wiping his tears.He announced that his wife is dead.

The whole world mourned for Lady Dashwood.Lady Dashwood was the most kind person.She paid for the construction of schools and hospitals around the world.She was loved by everyone.

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