Chapter 5

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Robert Oreville's body was found at the river near The House of Parliament headless though it was found soon after the body was discovered.

Sorrow was last week's emotion about Lady Dashwood's death but sorrow and anger mixed together was today's emotion about Robert Oreville's death.

The whole Oreville clan mourned for the lost of Lord Oreville's eventual successor;Robert was supposed to be deemed Lord in his birthday.

Everyone in line to the throne was baffled by the fact that any minute a bomb could explode or a missile bombared their house or even get shot at.

Atthur knew that they should act fast if they want this threat put down.ISIS had just declared war on the UK.They declared war to take down the monarchy and rule the british isles.

After they take down the monarchs at the UK,they will continue to wreak havok all over Europe until they get what they want-world domination.

ISIS will do everything to take over the world even if it means starting another world war.

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