Chapter 11

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Following the attack at freeway,a kidnapping and murder occured.Lord James Wilson was murdered while his son Anton Wilson was kidnapped.

"Meeting at my office now!"Amber texted Arthur and his team.

Everyone went to the office wondering.Amber was clearly dissapointed about something.

"Look at this feed from Wilson Residences."Amber said while watching the feed from the Wilson Residences.

Apparently,all of the terrorist that didn't die at the freeway headed to Wilson Residences as soon as they left.

"And to think that all of you were trained in the arts of killing!"Amber said clearly dissapointed.

"Is Stanford still in the hospital?"Amber asked

"Yup."Alice replied.

"We were out numbered!They had bazookas for pete's sake!"Arthur said.

"It doesn't matter now."Xander said.

"He's right,as long as we don't mess up next time many lives could be saved."Arthur said.

"Anyways,do we have any leads on the murder of Lord Wilson?"Brittney asked.

"Not yet."Amber replied.

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