Chapter 1

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Arthur Dashwood,the leader of the team,is 32nd in line to the throne of England.He is the only son of Lord Jonathan Dashwood.He made a promise to his father to protect not only their family but also all the members of the royal family especially the Queen.As the only son of Lord Dashwood,he was sent to the millitary to train as a soldier.Eversince his mother died because of a terrorist attack,he vowed to protect his country and family.

Brittney Worthington,like Arthur,is the daugther of a Lord in Englang;Lord Adam Worthington.She is 35th in line to the throne.She was Arthur's closest friend,not to mention his girlfriend.She was trained by his father's private guards.She is a sharp shooter when it comes to the bow and arrow.She is also effective when it comes to hand-to-hand combat.

Stanford King is heir to his father's multi million euro industry;King Industries.King Industries supplies the british army with weaponry.His father wanted Stanford to train in the millitary before he could run the corporation.His father never did supported him applying for the place in the team.His father bribed the people picking the five so basically,money got him his place in the team and also the fact that his father will supply them with weaponry.

Alice Brown is one of only few females of the royal guard.She knows Buckingham Palace from the inside out.As a royal guard,she monitors the survailance of Buckingham.She knows every room.She knows Everything about the security of Buckingham palace.She is an MI6 agent.

Xander Langdon is the son of General Edward Langdon.He is one of the most skilled MI5 agent.He has contacts everywhere.He has contacts in the millitary,the government and even the CIA.

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