Chapter 8

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After they had lunch the weny directly to Amber's office at the Secret Inteligence Service Building.

"Arthur,you will lead the motorcade.Brittney,you will be with the Queen her vehicle.Xander,you will meet them there with General Langdon."Amber ordered them.

"But where is Alice going to be?"Arthur asked.

"Oh,I'll be handling the drones that's going to follow the motorcade"Alice replied.

"We'll leave in two"Amber said.

It was time to leave,everyone was nervous because the journey to Oreville Residence is an hour long from Buckingham Palace.And anything tremendous could happen through out the journey.

Alice noticed five armored cars following the motorcade.These same cars have been following the motorcade eversince they left Buckingham.They seem to have no plate numbers or any kind of identification.

One of the cars was infront of Arthut's car.The back door slamed open and it revealed a man holding a bazooka by his shoulders.

Alice called out for Amber to take a look at this suspicious looking cars.Amber took a look and saw the door opening infront of Arthur and unveiling a bazooka.

"Quick!Warn all of them to scramble into the field next to the road."Amber said.

"Arthur there is a bazooka infront of you.Tell them to scramble."Alice said through the radio in the car.

The guy holding the bazooka fired,Arthur opened the door and jumped.

"Everybody scramble!Protect the Queen!"Arthur shouted through the radio.

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