I'm dying inside

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*Knock* *knock*
"Matt," Edd groaned out, pressing his face against the wall hoping to signal the male in the room next to his.
The doorbell began to ring repetitively. With no hope Edd sat up, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. "What time is it?"
He spoke out to himself as he grabbed the alarm clock next to him. He eyed the glowing words of which were blurred by his restless eyes.
"TWO A.M?!" He yelped out with surprise.
He rubbed his eyes making his way down stairs. Eventually he found himself in front of the door of which was now being pounded upon. "Hold on, hold on," He muttered out in a low tone as he twisted the shiny gold knob. "Oh hello Tord," Edd spoke with a dumb grin printed against his face, his mind not quite catching up to the situation just yet. "w-wAIT!" He stuttered out, "TORD?!" He shouted out excitedly, obviously waking the other occupations of the house.
"TORD?!" Matt yelped out, his voice blurred by the thick walls. Nothing but an annoyed groan came from Tom. soon enough the two males made their way down the stairs. Tom stomped down in a pout, Matt far ahead skipping towards the two men in the doorway.
"Edd, Matt," he greeted with a bright grin. "Tom.." he muttered lowly, replacing his grin momentarily with a snarl.
"Well," Tom began.
"It was great to see you and all, but you best be going." He spoke out with a smirk pressed upon his eyeless face.
"TOM!" Edd fumed facing towards the round faced boy giving him a slight nudge with his elbow.
He quickly turned his attention back to Tord with a grin on his face. "You're always welcome Tord," he said making a reference to Tom's rude words.
"Great!" Tord exclaimed, shooting a smirk to Tom whom of which was pouting like a child, far from the others.
"My room still open?" He questioned in his thick foreign accent.
Edd let out a quick nervous laugh, "Well about that.." He rubbed the back of his neck.
"Matt kinda..." Tord interrupted the silence that Edd had left, "Kinda put all his useless junk in put all his useless shit in there?" Tord stated blandly. Edd paused for a moment before nodding his head in agreement.
"Well then, where do you suppose I stay then?" Tord asked, a glum look printed on his face.
Tom found this as a good time to chirp in, "Looks like you'll have to go home, oh no."
But his statement was tastefully ignored by the crowd of men, causing his anger to thicken.
"Well you can't stay in my room," Matt commented sadly.
"No room."
Tord let out a small sigh of relief, "How about you Edd?" Tord asked hopefully.
"Sorry Tord,' he began glumly.
"You know my rooms the smallest, I can hardly make room for myself."
Tord let out another sad sigh.
"I guess I'll stay on the couch then.." He shrugged, slumping on the couch. "Well~ not exactly." Edd smiled hopefully. "Well then, what do you suppose?"
Edd took a moment to gather himself, "You could stay in Tom's room." He suggested with a slight grin.
"WHAT?!" Tom yelped out.
"I'M SURE AS HELL AM NOT SLEEPING ON THE COUCH!" He growled out in a bitter tone, a deep glare stuck on his face.
"I never said you had to sleep on the couch." Edd replied calmly, a small smile on his face.
Tom starred at him dazed, not quick understanding what the green hooded brunette was getting at. "Tord's old mattress still, its sitting in the garage . He can just sleep on the floor, it'll be like a bed."
Tord glanced over at Tom, waiting for a response. "Can't he just set the mattress elsewhere?"
"Tom, you know there's no room." He responded. "And I think this will be good for the two of you."
Tom and Tord both starred at Edd with anger and amazement that he could even suggest something like that.
"What?!" Tord yelped out as Tom stood mute with a look of annoyance. "Wh-what exactly?!" he stammered out angrily, "Killing each other twice as fast?!"
Edd rolled his eyes, taking in a breath.
"well you know I'm sick of you two fighting, it'll help you get along."
He explained with a weak and tiered smile.
"so its settled then," he exclaimed clasping his hand together.
"You'll share the room," with a bright smile as he began to walk away.
"Tom, you know where the mattress is; get it out and you'll sleep on the bedroom floor!" He ordered with a yawn and a wicked smile.
"No way!" Tom wined shaking his head.
"Tom, its my house!" He barked out at his friend which was a rather strange for him to do.
"Do it or you'll be out in the streets."
And with a smirk he headed up the stairs.
Tom opened the ebony brown door to the garage with Tord close behind.
"You can leave you know...and go to sleep...in my bed," He muttered as he search for the mattress from the frame of the door, not wanting his feet to touch the ice cold floor of the garage.
"Well I'm not tiered, I might as well find some way to entertain myself" he muttered back as he leaned carelessly on the smooth wall causing him to slip slightly. Tom laughed crudely at the situation, causing Tord to shove him.
Edd strolled into Matt's room who was as well woken by the endless arguing coming from the room near by.
"Maybe I was wrong about them sharing a room," he grumbled out with a small pitiful laugh.
"Really?" Matt chuckled out sarcastically.
"Well they still have to share the room because they both are going to get along." He announced with a shrug
"Oh come on Edd! I haven't even been able to get a second of shut eye!" He pouted.
"I nee-d my beauty sleep!" He said holding out the E
"Don't worry I won't allow them to fight much longer he said with a smirk.
*knock knock knock* Edd pounded on tom & Tord's room where yelling and screams of anger emerged.
Tord open the door baring a toothy grin showing false innocent. "Edd," he greeted kindly.
"Get Tom," Edd ordered pointing inside the dark room.
"Tom," Tord whispered out gesturing a hand motion to come on over.
Tom mumbled cusses under his breath as he stepped into the light.
"Listen here," Edd ordered once more, "You two are going to get along or ELSE" he fumed crossing his arms.
"Or else what?" Tord questioned out of pure curiosity.
"You're both out on the streets!" He growled pointing outwards.
Not wanting to question their friend both Tord and Tom stayed mute hesitantly nodding as Edd slammed the door shut.
Tord and tom made their way back to their separate beds.
"Thanks a lot," Tord muttered glaring at the boy who slept far from his bed on the floor
"Shut it!" Tom growled back quietly, making it so Edd wouldn't hear
"No!" He said loudly pulling out an strange object that tom couldn't quite make out.
But before he knew it tom stood at the edge of tom's mattress and held the ice cold gun to tom's head.
"You shut it."
Tom laid frozen in fear but that quickly passed, and before Tord could do anything tom slapped the gun out of Tord's hands and griped it in his own and pinned the rude boy down.
"Fine," Tord growled as he spat up in tom's face "Kill me" tom stayed still. "Whatever" he grumbled tossing the gun on the ground and whipping Tord's spit off his face. Tord laid frozen on the floor "w-why didn't he kill me?" He thought to himself.
"w-why?" Tord stammered out, facing the spiky haired boy.
"Save it," tom growled
"I just..." He paused to think of an excuse.
"Don't want to get kicked out."
He muttered not daring to face Tord.
"Now, just go to sleep."

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