Is he gay or European?

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Some how as they sat at the table Tom & Tord got closer & closer.
Take that how ever you want, they got closer in a few different ways.
But Edd happened to notice it visually.
Some how his two friends that sat at the opposite sides of the dining table creeped closer and closer.
Halting at the limit of no homo...
At least for a bit.
It got a little homo.
After the poorly made breakfast ended (nobody ate that shit, more like, the conversation died down) they made their way into the living room, playing any random movie they could find on tv.
They settled on Shrek -for the irony of course.-
Tom went out of his way not to sit by Tord, taking a seat on the "private couch."
He wasn't quite enjoying the feelings in the pit of his stomach caused by this Norwegian male.
But he wasn't about to look into that.
Right now all his attention is on the poorly animated donkey on the screen.
This movie is shit, they all love it.
But Tord decided they've been a little to nice today, he'll make up for it after the movie.
He didn't want to get in a full on argument, but the kindness doesn't exactly feel right.
He doesn't want to upset Tom either, he kinda worked hard for this. He was exited really, he loved the idea of this, he loved t-
"This movie is actual shit."
Tom eventually laughs out during a random  music number in the movie.
"You're shit," Tord takes this as a good time to at least be playfully rude.
Their child like banter was interrupted by a shush from Matt.
Tom grunted at Matt in response.
"What ever, this movie is shit & I'm going to sleep."
Tom promptly stood up from his seat, giving a small wave.
Edd simply muttered out a "G'night,"
Some how completely caught in this movie.
Tord's eyes followed the blue hooded male. Now just really realizing how round his face was, with a small pointed nose the make up for the rounded out features.
He's cute, really cute.
But Tord tries not to think about that.
Cause he's round in more than one place, if you know what I mean.
Tord tries to avoid that too, rather stopping his glance at the elastic of the brunette's sweater.
Tord questions wether he should "go to sleep" as well, just to talk with the other boy.
He chooses to wait a while, not wanting to seam anxious to go be with him. Cause that's weird, he knows it weird.
But the thumping in his chest wants him to go up those steps.
Something about that thumping makes him angry. As soon as he saw the alcoholic, he was mad.
Seeing as nice wasn't helping he did think about going back to being cruel.
But he knows not to, he knows it won't help.
After some uncomfortable shifting on the couch, nerves running deep in the decision, he decided he'll go up when the movie is over.
God, when will this movie be over.


After about a half an hour the movie finally ended.
Matt & Edd settled on the decision of searching for more movies to watch. But tord claimed he was "to tiered to continue."
With a shrug Tord headed upstairs, his heart pounding hard against his chest.
As he grew closer to the room he heard the strums of tom's guitar.
At this point he didn't know to just walk in or knock first, I mean, he is playing his guitar right now.
Tord settled on just walking in, it wasn't that big of a deal.
Tom took his fingers of the guitar quick with a surprised jolt.
"Oh," he muttered out at his noticed it was Tord at the door.
"Sorry," he said realizing he was sitting on what previously use to be his bed.
With a sigh he put his bass away and sat down on the mattress on the floor.
Without a word Tord sat on his bed.
Tom flickered off his lamp as the red hooded male did so.
"G'night," he spoke out with a shrug.
As he shuffled under his sheets he spoke out again, "& please don't try & shoot me again."
"You really had to touch up on that again."
Tord said with an annoyed groan.
"Well knowing the way your head works, yeah."
Tord sat up & flickered back in the lamp.
"Ya know, I have been nothing but nice to you to-"
"Yea, for one single day." Tom began? Interrupting Tord's speech.
"You've blown your chances. I am not your friend." He spoke out in a slow pace as if he was talking to a slow child.
The caused Tord to stand up & Tom to Scooch back.
Tord walked over to Tom's mattress, hovering above the boy.
"I don't want to be your friend anyways."
This made tom laugh in response. "Oh, ouch. That really hurt, Tord."
He said with a small whine.
Tord grabbed the smaller boy by his collar, pulling him up & close to him.
"Want me to make it hurt?"
Tord eyed him through the silence, a smirk printed in his face. Tom just gulped in response.
With the tension Tord leaned in, his face growing closer to the boy's than before.
"What are you doing?!"
Tom yelped out in a questioning tone, his face burnt red.
Tord just pushed him away, causing him to land hard on his mattress.
"Just, go to sleep."
& with that, he flickered off the light.

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