Tom you pouty cunt

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Tord woke up hazily, barley able to tell if last night was a dream or not. But he was notified by the metallic gun which laid pointlessly in the center of the room.
Tord sat up and took in the air and things around, him slightly alarmed by the strumming from tom's guitar.
"Morning," Tord greeted with hesitation; but instead of a smile he was greeted with a dark glare from the eyeless male.
"Morning," Tom strained out as he began to play his base louder.
"Breakfast is down stairs waiting for you...Matt made a welcome back breakfast," he grumbled motioning his head in the direction of the door.
"Are you coming?" Tord spoke out in a questioning tone halfway out the door. "Huh?... Oh no, I thought you would enjoy it better with out me," he explained mumbling out the rest.
"Don't worry," he said with a smile approaching the eyeless man "huh?!" He mumbled out in surprised and slightly puzzled by Tord's different behavior, barely able to believe his ears.
"come on it'll be fine," he grumbled realizing his strange behavior himself. Tord scrambled for an excuse, "It'll make Edd think his plan work!" He chirped out quickly.
Tom nodded in agreement and followed behind. A look of disappointment lost in his face.
"Welcome," Matt bared a wide grin, welcoming to two as Edd stepped forward.
"Sorry, you never did really get to much of a welcome back Tord but we guessed we might as well welcome you with Matt's poor cooking skills!" this caused the 3 boy to snicker as Matt pouted, "Hey! I am a great cooker!"
He spoke out in disagreement, he took out a plate, showing off the burnt pancakes and overly crispy bacon.
"See?! I'm a great cook" he exclaimed proudly.
"yea sure Matt" Edd joked rolling his eyes as he sat at the table.
Matt and Tord soon followed as tom stood and took a piece of bacon noticing their weren't enough seats for all if them.
"Welp, bye guys." tom spoke bitterly as he made his way up the stairs.
"Damn" Edd muttered realizing he didn't have enough seats. He knows how tom gets with Tord around, he felt bad about throwing more weight onto the situation.
"I'll be right back" Tord announced and he followed tom up the steps. "Tom?" Tord called out into the room where tom was playing his bass loudly "what?"
He asked with a slightly angry tone.
"why did you leave?!"
Tord questioned, staring at tom with pure confusion.
Tom responded with a shrug as if he didn't know himself, but it was one of the most obvious things.
"Was it because their weren't enough seats?" Tord continued with his questions. Tom began to strum Susan louder.
"Why dose it matter?"
He muttered, breaking his silent streak.
Jjust go enjoy it," he said with a false smile.
"Tom!" Tord complained, "Just come back down we'll find another seat!" he suggested as he sat on the floor by tom.
"I don't understand why you get like this!"
"And I wouldn't expect you to!" Tom shot back with a snarl.
A silence filled the room, but it was quickly broken by tom.
"Listen," he began, "I know your trying to be nice because you don't want to get kicked out, but believe me, I won't tattle on you for not being nice. Cause if that was the case I would have brought up last night a long time ago." Tom explained still a false smile tattooed on his eyeless face.
Tord let out an annoyed sigh, "That's not the case Tom! Just please come on down!" He insisted.
"Then what is the case?" Tom directed his attention fully to Tord, placeing his bass on his checkered sheets.
"That's besides the point." Tord said with a roll of his eyes, protecting himself from further questioning.
"I know we both just want to make Edd happy, so lets go do that."
"Wow!" Edd mumbled with surprise as Tord sprinted down the stairs with tom following close behind. "You actually got him to come back down!"
Edd chuckled, amusement deep in his voice.
"well," Tord began and he flipped his hair the best he could, a large smile planted on his face.
"I am a professional," he joked. A small laughter from the boys filled.
A flutter grew in tom's stomach as he laughed along with the boys.

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