10 million years later.

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Every time tom heard some one knock at the door his heart dropped. He never knew if it would be him or not, after a few weeks of no tord and no calls he had almost given up on him. But that didn't stop his heart from skipping a beat each time he heard someone at the door.
He secretly hated himself for this, but not this time. He wouldn't let himself run down the stairs begging for disappointment, he sat there and grabbed his base to strum out the bad feelings.
He strummed a little louder.
He threw down his base on his bed with disgust.
"What? Am I the only damn person in this house that knows how the fuck to answer the door??"
He muttered out to himself as he threw open the his bedroom door. Tom stomped down the stairs having an imaginary argument with Edd for later.
"What could possibly be so important that-"
He pulled open the door.
His eyes scanned the image in front of himself in disbelief.
Tord shot a quick glance at at the man in front of him before shoving past him and into the house.
"What? No big welcoming party?"
Tord spoke with a chuckle in his voice as he turned to face tom.
"Where's Matt and Edd??"
Tom sat there in disbelief for a second before stammering out a sad, "I'm not sure."
He shook his head a looked down at his feet.
"I could," he paused to think and looked back up at him.
"I could go look,"
Tord nodded turning his back to him with out a word.
Tom sat for a second before turning hesitantly to the stairs. Before he could make it all the way up the stairs he was quickly trampled by a giddy Matt and Edd.
Matt spoke out with a giddy laugh, causing tord to spin around to face him with a grin on his face.
"Edd! Matt!" He exclaimed with a big grin printed to his face.
He quickly pulled them both in for a hug.
Edd questioned, grin on his face, "really?"
Tord laughed and glanced away happy that this event had turned into but a silly inside joke with him and his friends.
Edd was to happy to be upset right now, even if he did have a million questions about why the hell it took him so long to get here.
Tom looked out at the group of laughing men and suddenly felt out of place. He didn't want to make a scene by going upstairs but he felt so weird here. He shook his head as he looked at them quickly coming to the conclusion that it wouldn't matter, because they wouldn't even know he was gone.
Tom finally turned and began to make his way up the stairs, but not before locking eyes with tord for a moment. Tom quickly broke the contact and continued up the stairs.
And in the end he was right, they hadn't even noticed.
Tom knew tord would be coming up here eventually so to avoid any conflict he forced himself to sleep.
He woke up early the next day, 7:30 to be exact.
Hesitantly he turned over to face the bed mentally praying that tord would be asleep, but there he was wide awake starring at his phone screen, turned in tom's direction.
Tom's face flushed red hoping the he didn't notice him staring at him.
Without even thinking about tom stood up and just walked out of the room.
His heart was thumping and he stoped outside the door. He would do anything to just not have to talk to him, even if that took looking weird as fuck.
He quickly made his way down the stairs and into the kitchen, taking a seat in one of the chairs.
Tom sat for a while, mind blank, to nervous to even think. But apparently his stomach was thinking, and it was thinking it was time to eat. With the grumble of his stomach tom set out to make breakfast.
He considered making some for everyone else, but considering the fact they don't even wake till noon it would only be a wast.
Tom wasn't as nearly as bad a cook as the rest of them somehow managed to be. He chalked it up to just not being an idiot, and it was rather easy. All he had to to was watch the food god forbid.
He knelt down to grab a pan from the cupboard, the clanging of them loud enough for him not to notice the man taking a seat at the table behind him.
He set down the pan a quick grabbed some pancake mix from the fridge right next to him.
"Mm," a voice hummed out, " I sure hope you plan on sharing.
Toms body went cold even though his face was bright red.
He sat still for a moment gathering himself before hesitantly looking back.
His usual spiked up, devil horn like, hair was pressed down and messy.
Tom quickly turned back around to face the pan as he opened the pan cake mix.
"I umm," tom shook his head trying to clear his thoughts.
"Uhh, sure, what size do you want."
"Hmm.." tord hummed out in a curious tone as he stood up from his chair.
Tom gulped down hard. As tord approached him from the left tom turned his head to the right.
Tord arm reached around him grabbing the counter to right of him.
Tord turned his head to face him, his face awfully close to tom's.
Toms head began to buzz as he turned his head to face him.
He knew his face was red, just thinking about it made his face burn even brighter.
Tord smirked, "a few big ones would be nice."
He spoke with a nonchalant tone.
He looked deep into his eyes giving a big smile that made him squint up his eyes, and with that he pulled away from tom and took a seat back out the table.
'What the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck'
Tom thought to himself on rapid fire a he poured some pancake batter onto the pan.
"Your up rather early now, aren't you?"
Tord asked as he fiddled with his hands in front of him.
Tom took a deep breath as he flipped the pancake. "So are you."
Tord laughed this as he nodded his head.
"Yeah, I guess I am."
Tom grabbed a plate, placing down the first pancake.
"How dose three sound," he said with a tremble in his voice.
"Oh, that sound just great."
Tom quickly finished up and placed the pancakes in front of him.
He wiped his sweaty palms on his pants as he quickly turned away.
"What?" Tord turned to face tom as he walked away, "youre not going to have any?"
Tom shook his head, "I've lost my appetite."
"Doesn't matter, I'll be up there in a minute."
Tord knew what he was doing and this scared tom. Tom knew he was taking about his room and tom knew Tord was right.
Tom scurried up to his room changing out of his pajamas quickly.
If Tord was here, he wouldn't be.

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