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Tom woke up pretty early today with out reason. But he was awake all night last night, going over the events that had happened. So when he woke up early he immediately tried to go back to sleep. Afraid to turn and see Tord sitting there; the thought left a pit in his stomach. What had happened last night you ask? His worst enemy only just tried to kiss him, whatever. Tom had been internally punching himself for not doing anything about it, but he eventually settled on, 'it's too late now,' & fell asleep.
Tom picked up his phone to look at the time seeing that it was now 12:30.
With a sigh he sat up and hesitantly turned his head to what use to be his bed. Empty.
With a small sigh of relief he stood up, stumbling over the mattress. He knew tord had to be downstairs with the others, so to procrastinate he pulled out his base guitar.
But no matter what he did, he just couldn't strum the guitar just right, it took him a while just to gain the courage to play a note. With anxiety stuck in the pit in his stomach he could only play broken notes.
Upset, he set down the guitar with his trembling hands.

He swallowed down hard feeling his muscles swallow down the small amount of saliva in his mouth. Just the thought of his next action made him shake; he's going down stairs.

Hopping down the stairs in the slowest manner he possibly could, he finally met the cold downstairs wooden floor.
As he entered the kitchen/living room he noticed Tord wasn't there. And to his surprise he was more confused than relieved.

Eventually he plopped down on the couch by his friend in the green sweater. With only a questioning glance towards Edd, Edd knew what he ment.
"Tord left this morning," Edd spoke out in a quiet tone as he rummaged through his pocket pulling out a note. "He left this," Edd handed him the small white note.
'Hello good friends,
I will be leaving today do to some work problems, they need me to leave immediately.
And unfortchanatly I will have to stay with them for a good month (maybe forever.)
Thank you for such hospitality.
Goodbye good friends.'
Tom set down the note, indicating to Edd he was done reading. Edd let out a small laugh, "And I know that's bullshit cause the idiot works at a McDonald's."
Edd let out another laugh, he found it pitifully amusing.
"I don't know why he wanted to leave so bad, but..." Edd paused shaking his head.
"I don't get why he always wants to get out of here so bad."
He turns to face Tom, eyes glimmering with tears.
"But I thought we were friends," Edd took a gulp and shook his head hard.
"I guess he must just hate me."

With a jult Tom placed his arms on Edd's shoulders.
"Don't talk like that Edd!"
Tom said in a comforting tone with a small tilt of his head. But this just caused Edd to turn his head away.
Hesitantly Tom spoke up again, "Anyways, I think it's my fault."
His grip loosened on Edd as he turned his head away in shame.
"But I though you two were just starting to get along?"
"So did I." Tom responded with a small smile.
"And we kinda were," Tom spoke as he brought his eyes back on to Edd with a hopeful look.
"But he did try to kill me."
"WHAT?!" Edd screeched out in a horse voice.
"He also tried to kiss me?"
Tom spoke, not really responding to Edd's question.
Tom gave a small laugh in response as they sat in momentary silence.
Edd gave out in a questioning tone.
Tom only gave a confused look in response.
"What did you do?" Edd sighed out gesturing his hands in a rolling motion, urging Tom to continue.
Tom gulped down on the hard lump in his throat and gave a nervous laugh.
Tom began.
"I pushed him away," the disappointment in himself rang loudly in his tone of voice.
"Oh man," Edd gave himself a face palm.
"Ohhh maan," Edd dragged out his words this time, his hand covering his pained expression.
With a shake of his head Edd took his hand off his face. "Well we have to go find him," Edd spoke out in a 'no duh' kind of expression.
"And say what exactly?"
Tom questioned with a scared laugh.
"Sorry I didn't kiss you, your lie about Mcdonalds was fucking retarded, & come back home?"
Tom gave a sigh.
"There's no way I can fix this."
Edd gave Tom a comforting look, "We'll figure this out Tom," he proudly spoke with a comforting tone.
"But if we don't find him soon, well, it'll be too late."
Tom nodded his head understanding.
"Alright," he said with a timid voice.
"Lets go."
"But where?"

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