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Welcome lovers of stories! Today's story is about rabbit or HARE, part of my set of personalities, the goat is my year, the rabbit the month, and the tiger hour, from the Zodiac.

I'm not quite sure why rabbit is associated with the moon. She is not a night creature maybe that the moon is associated with woman power and is symbolized as a healer or  MUSE.

Rabbit is in the Chinese zodiac and in their moon. Pangue, the first Dragon, died and leaves his body to make China. In doing so his left eye floated into the sky and became the moon, giving herbs to the peoples. Rabbit grinds up the spices and herbs for early medicines for the earthly people. Later the God of Farming changes rabbit into a Goddess, who gives medicines to the peoples of China.

So it is said this is one a Buddhist teaching tales from his 500 lives he had before he was born as Buddha. So being this tale is at least 3000 years old and beyond because travelers carry their stories from place to place, we as modern people discount this stream of verbal tales.

Brave Rabbit also tricks tiger in Korean folklore where Rabbit is the common folk and Tiger of the ruling class.

The rabbit or hare is a popular mystical creature in stories of the Nordic and Celtic tribes. Rabbit is a serving creature and is sometimes noted as a goddess with different names, a kin to Ostara, whose bird turns into a bunny that gave eggs to children "estrus",  hense, our Easter bunny, the giver of eggs in spring.

Rabbit also serves by giving her life to us (her sacrifice) as in thIS telling where rabbit serves the great Japanese Sky God and saves her friends.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The HARE in the MOON

One cold stormy night the moon hid behind the clouds, which sent lightning and thunder to the earth. Rain fall from the heavens. A sky god looked down into the stormy night, "I wonder if there is a creature on the earth who would serve me beyond what anybody could ever imagine." Having said this the god in a single action, dressed up like a beggar. His hair was messed and greasy. He had a long beard rugged and dirty filled with rotten foods as his tattered clothing. His feet were without shoes only wrapped with rags. And worse, he smelled of old sweat and his eyes are tired and face wrinkled.

He came down onto a mountain that was in Japan into a beautiful pine forest. He looked through the tall thick trees and saw a wooden hut build against a stone wall on the side of the mountain. The rains poured and the wind pushed the trees. A delicious smell filled the night coming from the dimly light hut. The old man approached the hut deciding if he should enter. He could feel the warm and love coming from the hut.

Inside Rabbit, a pretty brown rabbit, had on an apron and stood by the stone fireplace with the flames that cracked and spitted heat into the room. She pounded herbs in a mortal and pestal.

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