Mighty Alphabet

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The mighty alphabet I love; the a to z organization

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The mighty alphabet I love; the a to z organization. One good way and simple way to organize a story: the beginning is setting up the story, the 'call to action' place and who; then the 'threshold crossing;  to the wise characters' three if you want; and the 'test; for the character(s); to the middle of the story;  down into 'inner most dark cave'; and then the 'supreme ordeal'; coming  to the end of the story; 'seizing of the wand' the gift of a treasure; to the closing of the story; the 'road to resurrection'. Thus the ABC  for a story is a hero or heroine's journey: adventure, horror, romance or fantasy.

MIGHTY Alphabet

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Call To Adventure~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A – ABLE, abundant – agreeable – awesome – animated – attractive – achiever – adept - adored  – alive –assured - assured - ---> AFRAID - The Prairie Hen

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Threshold Crossing~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

B – BOLD, brave - beneficial – beyond – bright – boundless – belief – balanced – beaming – beautiful – behaved – beloved – best – better – brave – bright – busy – ---> BIAS - The Troubadour

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Wise characters~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

C –- CLEVER, calm – can – capable – carefree – careful – causal – celebrity - charming – cheery – certain – changing – character – cherish – chum - communicate – complete – complex – confident – considerate – content – courteous – caution – crafty – creative - cultural – curious – cute – conceit - challenged - considerate ---> CHEAT - Why Rat Won

D –- DARING, desirable – durable – dynamic - delightful – deserving – decisive – delicate – dear – deserve – devoted – dynamic – deep – disciplined – distinctive – driven – determined - dazzle ---> DANGER  - Durga, the goddess who save the gods


E – EAGER, energetic - expert – empathy - excellent – encouragement – expert - earnest – electric – elegant - eminent – enjoyable – enthusiasm – even – excellent – expressive – extraordinary - elastic – easy - ecstasy - elevate – enable – endure - enjoy – esteem --> EMPTY  - Ursula, EFFORTS

FFEARLESS, flexible, forgiving, fun, furious, fame, fanciful, fascination, flourish, festive, fierce, fragile, fit, fore-site, frank, forthright, fortunate, feel, firm, focus, forceful --> FLUSTERED - The TROLL Bridge


G – GENTLE, gait, good-willed, gallant, generous, genius, genuine, good, good-natured, gorgeous, great, genuine --> GRIM - Innocent RED

H – HEROINE, honorable, helpful, humble, happy, hungry, harmony, honest, healthy, humorous, having, hardened, heartache, holds, hope --> HIDEOUS - Li Chi, the Worm Slayer

I – intelligent, imaginative, ingenious, important, immersed, interested, involved, incredible, innocent, illuminate, impressive, intense, incite, industrious, idealistic, introvert, imitate, impulsive, incisive, influence, ignite ---> IDLE -Tiger and the Fish

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Innermost Cave~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

J – JOVIAL, jubilant, joy, jolly, jovial, just, jaunty, jest, JOKER, juvenile --->  JUDGE - Rhyonna's Fright, 'Faery Fun' on Kindle and paperback book

K – KIND, knack, kindred, kinetic, know, knowledgeable, keen, kindly ---> KIDDING - Aesop's Fables - Never Call Wolf, unless ... 

L – LOVE, logical, limber, liable, lively, lofty loyal, light, likeable, lucky, listens ---> LONELY - The Poet and the Peony

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Supreme ordeal~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

M – MASTER, mighty, mellow, marvelous, manifest, magical, medium, mature, magnificent, mild, most, motivated, muse, modest, mystical --->MEAN – MAD – miserable, misused, monstrous, motive  ---> MEAN – MAD – miserable, misused, monstrous motive -


Tonight I walk by a monster.

It eats me.

Now, I am a monster.

When I walk by a smaller monster, I eat it.

Now, I am a bigger monster.

I suck the little monsters from the bushes.

I eat them. Now, I am many monsters.

We stroll down the streets.

We see only eyes. We eat them.

Now, we see better.

Monsters are everywhere.

We eat them.

Now, we are everything.

I eat myself.

As darkness swallows, the sun raise


 N – NOBLE, natural, neat, necessary, nice, needed, normal, nourishes, noticeable, notable ---> NOTHING - Hare in the Moon

O – OBEDIENT, original, orderly, okay, organized, outlandish, outstanding, obliged, observant, occupied, opinionated, open-minded, opportunist, own -- > OPPRESS - Tatsuko, Dragon Princess

P – PASSION, playful, peaceful, polite, patient, pleasant, powerful, poised, practical, precious, popular, prosperous, pleased --> POSSESSIVE - THE MAGIC PAINTBRUSH

Q – QUICK, quaint, qualified, quality, quiet, quest --> QUIT - WREN, THE RULER OF BIRDS

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Seizing the wand~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

REASONABLE, radiate, realistic, refreshing, rogue, remarkable, responsible, refine, responsive, relish, reliable, royal, resourceful, respectable, robust --> RAGE - Enid and Geraint

SPECIAL, stable, sensible, satisfied, sleek, splendid, soft, scholar, safe, strong, sturdy, shrewd, significant, supportive, steady, sensitive, strength, super, superb, social, smooth, swift, successful, sweet, sympathetic --> SPOIL - Story Plotting, Julnar of the Sea

TREASURE, terrific, tack, tasteful, trained, thrift, trustful, treat, tender, thrive, tolerant, thorough, tough, tremendous, thoughtful --> TRAGIC - How Fire Came to the Humans

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Road to resurrection~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

UPRIGHT, useful, unusual, ultimate, unique, urge, usual, unlimited, upright, usual, understanding --> UNCANNY - Farmer's Fest

VALUE, vital, vivid, vigorous, virtue, valiant, virtue, vision, voice, valuable, valued, vigor, vibrant --> VICTIM - Dragon's Pearl

WORTH, want, wonderful, watchful, warm, whole, wealthy, willful, willing, wise, wonder, wanderer —> WORRIED- Bear and the Heavenly God

X-ING the act of crossing out something not liked, not good, not understood, not useful, or just --> X - The Cock and the Hen

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Return with the Elixir~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

YONDER, youthful, yarn, young, yet —> YEARN - Sparrow's Gift

ZEAL, zealous, zealot, zest, zestful —> ZANY - ZOOM, An Amazing Adventure

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