Journey taken - Rhyonna, Faery Fun!

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IN THE LATE MORNING while the sun stands on top of the Oak trees, Rhyonna crunches leisurely on Dandelion's pollen, observing Mizzee Bee

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IN THE LATE MORNING while the sun stands on top of the Oak trees, Rhyonna crunches leisurely on Dandelion's pollen, observing Mizzee Bee. Fast and with purpose, she gathers Dandelion's pollen. Rhyonna has a purpose to defeat Zzuf.

Keegan whistles from the distant shadows among the trees. Rhyonna glimpses her Friends escorting four Tawnyee Flyers to Dandelion. Happy and excited, the Flyers soar to Dandelion. Natural, easily done with little effort, each flies; with practice Rhyonna will fly.

Keegan rushes to Rhyonna and gives her a gentle kiss on her cheek. The four Flyers giggle and flutter around. After long hardy hugs and "good morning" greetings, the four Flyers with Keegan, Caddee, and Prince Blaire settle on Dandelion's flowers.

"This morning," Caddee reports to Rhyonna, "we were called to stand with our families before the Elders, Queen Tanya, and King Grady because we left the village without telling anyone. We were afraid we lost our status. No more teaching and no more Junior Patrol."

"After much discussion and many questions," expands Keegan, "the Elders decided our intentions were good. Only next time, we need to communicate with our parents as well as the Queen and King whenever going beyond the boundaries of the Meadow of Flowers."

"We heard how worried our parents were, each one spoke to us," Caddee says.

Prince Blaire adds, "We agreed and told the Elders, from now on before we go on another rescue or anywhere, we will inform the Queen where and why. When we arrive where we are going, we send a message to the Queen."

"Queen Tanya will keep the village informed about us," Caddee adds.

Keegan offers, "We understand why the Elders and our families need to trust us."

"Prince Blaire was brave and direct. The Elders were pleased with his replies," Keegan adds.

"I will always tell my Mother Emma and the Queen when I leave. We are privileged to live on our flowers outside the village."

Caddee adds, "We must tell each other when we leave and take a friend with us. That includes the Tawnyee Flyers who are ready for more responsibility."

The Flyers listen with ears and eyes wide.

"We will all take an oath, 'The Communication Oath,'" suggests Prince Blaire. "We are responsible to others, to ourselves, and to our families with absolute trust from now on and forevermore."

With her Friends, Rhyonna and four Flyers nod their heads in agreement, pausing with silent understanding. Hands stack on top of hands and slowly rise up and down, binding Friends and words.

Despair catches Rhyonna. "This oath bounds me to be safe. All this confusion caused by my carelessness." Immediately Rhyonna's regrets and dread expand to touch all others who hear.

The four Flyers fly to and cuddle Rhyonna. No Friend speaks. Caddee hugs Rhyonna. Dandelion nestles her. The flowers, trees, the animals, insects, birds, and the others in between stop their chatter to respect Rhyonna.

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