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Crissa's Mate | wattys2019 by Califia
Crissa's Mate | wattys2019by Califia Montalvo
Following her graduation from high school, Crissa elects to travel from Canada to the dense mountains of Eastern Germany. There she takes part on a summer expedition to...
  • werewolf
  • moonlight
  • magic
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The African Folktale: Collection Of Tales [Completed] by let_alpha_write
The African Folktale: Collection Alpha Writes®
Folk tales and myths serve as a means of handing down traditions and customs from one generation to the next in Africa. For several generations, stories from Africa hav...
  • african
  • wattpad
  • wattys2018
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Nandipa The Ngoma [BWWM]  by Mathy180_C
Nandipa The Ngoma [BWWM] by Mathy
Nandipa didn't have a love story. It just wasn't in her fate. As a vessel , her destiny was set to fulfil Araba's love story and finally bring some much needed peace to...
  • wattys2017
  • projectafricanculture
  • african
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The Midnight Sorceress |Lesbian Story| by Svetaivanova
The Midnight Sorceress |Lesbian S V E T A
Cassandra is summoned by a magical owl, and she discovers that another world exists in the middle of Siberia, where monsters, faeries, elves, and sorcerei fight for domi...
  • monsters
  • folktale
  • princess
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Nehanda: The Awakening of a Saan Warrior (Book 1) by MemoryBengesa
Nehanda: The Awakening of a Saan MemoryBengesa
In a continent in the second millennium, before the scourge of slavers had arrived, before the land was taken and divided between European colonial masters, four powerfu...
  • folklore
  • africa
  • fantasy
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The Prince of Pirates: A Robin Hood Retelling by Pennywithaney
The Prince of Pirates: A Robin Sarah
- They said his destiny was to become a king; he chose to become a prince among pirates instead. - Crown Prince Alexander never liked nobility. He didn't like the lies...
  • dragon
  • quest
  • royalty
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(Book 4) Hayden Mackay and The Fest of Vrindahina by jyothi89
(Book 4) Hayden Mackay and The Jyothi
"One final question." I said. "Do I have to find out by myself about why I am called the Fire of Vengeance?" "Hayden..." "Now please d...
  • youngadult
  • bloodandgore
  • horror-thriller
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Raja Sirao dan Sembilan Pangeran by BettyVeve
Raja Sirao dan Sembilan Pangeranby BettyVeve
Raja Sirao gelisah. Langit sudah memberi tanda. Hanya ada satu dari sembilan putra yang ditakdirkan untuk menggantikannya.
  • folktale
  • nias
  • fantasi
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Evermoore: The Neverending Night by LanaJoKing
Evermoore: The Neverending Nightby Lana Jo King
Minotaurs. Banshees. Talking cats. Magical Queens (who may or may not want to eat them). Maddie Lyn and Kay Leanne Evermoore get in way over their heads when they find...
  • cats
  • humour
  • humor
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Japanese Folktales by srishti2703
Japanese Folktalesby srishti2703
Ancient Japanese Folktales
  • japanesefolktales
  • ancient
  • myths
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Yan-Tao: A Cinderello Story from China by Emayuku
Yan-Tao: A Cinderello Story from Elizabeth Mayuku
A young Chinese boy overcomes the wickedness of his stepbrother and stepfather to become the bridegroom of a princess.
  • fairytaleretelling
  • folktale
  • adventure
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Gadis Pembuat Topi & Dongeng Sebelum Tidur Lainnya by PriyoAnggara
Gadis Pembuat Topi & Dongeng Priyo Anggara
Apakah kamu benar-benar tidur setelah mendengar 'dongeng sebelum atau pengantar tidur'? Kalau aku dan Marilyn si Gadis Pembuat Topi malah tidak akan bisa tidur. Banyak p...
  • love
  • fantasy
  • dongeng
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The Egyptian Cinderello by Emayuku
The Egyptian Cinderelloby Elizabeth Mayuku
In this version of Cinderello set in Egypt in the sixth century B.C., Rhodo, a slave boy, eventually comes to be chosen by the Pharaoh to be her king.
  • natsuxlucy
  • fairytaleretelling
  • folktale
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Ceniciento: A Caribbean Cinderello by Emayuku
Ceniciento: A Caribbean Cinderelloby Elizabeth Mayuku
A Isleños variant of the familiar Cinderello tale is set in the Caribbean and narrated by the godfather who helps Ceniciento find true love.
  • fairytaleretelling
  • eureka7
  • cinderello
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Harry Potter: A Cinderello Story by Emayuku
Harry Potter: A Cinderello Storyby Elizabeth Mayuku
With the help of his godfather, a half-blooded wizard mistreated by his vengeful non-magical relatives who made him a kitchen butler, attends the Yule Ball where he meet...
  • mythology
  • fantasy
  • harryxginny
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Adelio: A Mexican Cinderello Story by Emayuku
Adelio: A Mexican Cinderello Storyby Elizabeth Mayuku
After the death of his mother and father, Adelio is badly mistreated by his stepfather and stepbrothers until he finds his own true love at a grand fiesta.
  • storytelling
  • fullmetalalchemist
  • edwardxwinry
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Listen To My Deadly Lullaby (Shizaya: WARNING! YAOI! DON'T LIKE? DON'T READ!) by GlinteHjelm
Listen To My Deadly Lullaby ( GlinteHjelm
He just hummed a silly love song. The raven didn't expect for so much chaos to happen because of that. And neither did he expect why. . Siren!Izaya Shizaya Fanfic. WARNI...
  • romance
  • siren
  • drrr
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Lilypads by Aimes_Reaughs
Lilypadsby Aimes_Reaughs
A strange surreal story that came from the deepest depths of my twisted imagination...
  • paranormal
  • surreal
  • creepy
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short fantasy story's by Pferds
short fantasy story'sby Pferds
Short stories with my own little twist and Ideas I hope you enjoy them!
  • magicalcreatures
  • learning
  • story
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The Serpent's Secret (Kiranmala and the Kingdom Beyond #1) by frogwind
The Serpent's Secret (Kiranmala fox
Meet Kiranmala: Interdimensional Demon Slayer (Only she doesn't know it yet) On the morning of her twelfth birthday, Kiranmala is just a regular sixth grader living in P...
  • fantasy
  • folktale
  • india