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fabricated, embroidery, and enhanced

fabricated, embroidery, and enhanced

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Welcome lovers of story! Today's story is about a pearl and its value to by Jade Dragon and Phoenix.

Before there was anything, there was Yin, the heavy, material of the earth, and Yang the light material of the sky circling in chaos through the sky the might Milky Way. P'angu, the First Dragon was born from an egg that came from their chaos. P'angu gave us the White Jade Dragon, the Golden Phoenix, the Unicorn and the Tortoise, and his dreams. When he died, P'angu  gave us China. He left his father Yang, the sky; Yang, and his mother the earth, Yin.

The ancients drew Queen Mother and King Father as serpents with human head. As thousands of years passed, P'angu father, YANG, became the King Father of the East. P'angu mother, YIN, became the Queen Mother of the West. Eventually, Both became humans, dressed in the finest golden silk embroidered with dragons stitched with bright colors. They are the Celestial Dragons that held up the heavens and lived in the royal temple on a high golden mountain that reached 333 thousand feet high into the middle of the sky. They had nine sons and twenty-nine daughters. P'angu's brother drew the Sun God's chariot through the sky. The Sun God helped the first Dynasty, the Yellow Dynasty; he gave medicine and herb and the farmers the five crop stone.

P'angu's friends, White Jade Dragon and Golden Phoenix, stayed in the Milky Way, which we call the universe. One day they formed a Pearl and Mother of the West convents the magic.

The Magical Pearl, The Dragon and the Phoenix

P'angu friends the White Jade Dragon and the Gold Phoenix stayed in the universe, called the Milky Way. Dragon lived in a cave in the east and Phoenix lived in a forest to the west of the Fairy Inlet. The Jade Dragon and the Silver Phoenix were neighbors and greeted each other with bows of respect.

One day while Jade Dragon swam and Phoenix flew in the Fairy inlet they found a bright and shinning glow.

"Jade Dragon, look, a glowing stone the glows comes for inside."

"Phoenix shall we work on stone and make a it round and perfect."

"Yes, Jade Dragon, let's start right now."

The Jade Dragon clawed the stone with his claws. The Gold Phoenix pecked it with her beak. Day after day, year after year, until they formed a round, smooth bright stone, they called Pearl. Gold Phoenix was pleased; she went to Fairy Mountain and brought back dew drops to sprinkle on the Pearl, which gave the stone magic. Jade Dragon was pleased, he swam to through the Milky Way and brought back pure water to pour over the Pearl, which held the great power of the water, mist and clouds.

The Pearl controlled the waning and waxing of the moon; the ebb and flow of the oceans; gave of wisdom to the owner; granted all wishes; controlled the rain, thunder, lightning, birth, death, and rebirth. All around the story flashed with bright light glowing from inside, round and smooth, full of power. The pearl was mystical, a great treasure.

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