Durga, goddess who saves the gods!

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Welcome, story-lovers! Bobbie Kinkead HERE! Today's story is about DARING Durga.

Durga – the goddess who helped the Gods adapted, re-imaged, embroidery, and enhanced myth from Hindu India from the Asian Art Museum, Southeast Asia Gallery

There was a time when the Hindu Gods were in great trouble. A horrid, evil buffalo demon came from the neathers and took over the underworld and earth. The earthly gods hid waiting for the demon to tire of his earthly pleasures. Instead, the horrid buffalo demon, Mahisha, pushed Indra, the thousand-eyed god from the heavens.

Vishnu, the Preserver, Shiva the Destroyer, and Brahma, the Creator, appeared from their heavenly caves. The time had come to act. Indra was angry, Mahisha had captured his Heavenly Palace. All the gods met in the Himalayas Mountains.

Indra, Vishnu, Shiva, and Brahma, with 300 gods fired out anger: chanted, danced, and drummed. They desired to rid the three worlds of the horrid buffalo demon, Mahisha. The valley shook with fire; rocks tumble from the mountains, the wind roared, and steam poured from the earth.


I stood before the Gods. I spoke to them

"I come the one and only, from space, time, and sound. I come from the mother earth forces SHAKTI. I stand before the Gods, as DURGA, mere woman."

The gods stepped back.

I petted my Lion, my mount. The Gods did not know they had created me to fight Mahisha, the demon. I saw their fear.

"Have no fear, a mere woman, DURGA, comes as a foe to evil. My duty is to protect the pure, the innocent, laws, and scriptures. The buffalo demon torments men and gods. I come to rid the heaven and earth of Mahisha. He is to clear out to the underworld below my feet."

I saw Vishnu and Shiva hiding, waiting for Mahisha to fill of his earthly pleasure. I felt the insult to the ten thousand eyes Indra who lost his heavenly palace. I knew the shame of the fire god, Angi. He gave a boon to the buffalo's father, who for years worshiped and praised Angi. Angi boon allowed the buffalo demon to conquer the three worlds. I knew Brahma's guilt. He granted the buffalo demon a boon, after the demon prayed on one leg for a thousand years. Only a mere woman could kill the horrid buffalo demon. I felt all the anguish in all the gods that were chased from their earthy temples and hid and walked with the humans.

"DURGA, mere woman, comes to do my duty. I am what you want. I am part of all of you. My duty is to protect the pure, the innocent, laws, and scriptures. I bowed to the Gods that call me. I am the voice of Shakti, Devi gives me body."

Shiva, thank-you for my face and third eye to see clearly;

Vishnu, thank-you for my eight arms to hold the attributes;

Brahma, thank-you for my feet so I may move and dance;

Surya, Sun God, thank you for my yellow skin and rays of light;

God of Fate for my black hair is thick and strong and shines;

Ocean of Milk for my pearls and white silk clothing flow free;

Queen Snake for the strands of beads that tied my clothing

Himaya, God of Mountains, thank you for my jewels and my lion."

The gods came closer. I was their admiration for my purpose.

They offered me their weapons.

The wind god gave me his bow and arrow.

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