Chapter 17

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Brooklynn 's POV:

As I wake up I hear something like moaning it's like 2am right now and I hear moaning as I see that Ethan is still next to me, I see that Grayson is gone ,as I walk up more the stairs the moaning gets louder "harder GRAYSON "some female voice said as I got to the door I opened it to see something that I wish that I haven't seen as Grayson sees me at the door he stops and gets a pillow and put it over his man part "what are you doing Brooklynn "he says "what are you doing its 2am in the morning and your having sex"I say giving him the 'really' face "I would like to have my beauty sleep but this girl over here is moaning so loud"I say pointing to a random girl in Grayson's bed as his face starts to blush a deep red from embarrassment

After all the arguing I went down stair and I see Grayson kick the girl out the house as he walks over to me he gives me the death glare

After about two hours of trying to finally trying to go to sleep I feel my eyes start to slowly close

                     Ethan's POV:

As I wake up I see that I'm sleeping on the couch with Brooklynn next to me

As I get up I see that Grayson is down here "hey man"I say"he you need to tell your girlfriend to knock"he says with an attitude "what happened"I say "ask her" he says pointing to the sleepy Brooklynn getting off the couch as he goes up the stairs to his room "hey babe what happened with you and Grayson "I say "I walked on him having sex"she say as I start to laugh

After we get ready me and Brooklynn went for a walk ,as we were walking Brooklynn stopped in her tracks and she looked frozen

                   Brooklynn's POV:

As we were walking I had a vision


I see my mom she is being chocked like my dream

I get out the trance when I see Ethan waving his hands in my face"hey what's wrong"he asks "we need to go to my old house,my mom is in danger "...

He sorry this chapter was late I just got out s hook and I didn't pre write it yesterday so yeah...😐

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