chapter 5

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Brooklynn's POV:

As I wake up in an unfiliar house I hear two boys that I don't know.I hear them arguing Why would they arguing about me they don't know me and I don't know them.

As one of the boys see that I an awake I see that his eyes... Are red why are they red?I then started to freak out but the boy with the mole on the side of his cheek says"its okay its me Ethan "
I then reply to "I don't know you, who are you" as I say those words I see his face expression drop to sad.

He then asked "what do you remember" I reply to "I remember waking up in a casket and then I kicked it open and started to dig out when I was done I was craving for blood so I saw the gardener and took a bite of him and I couldn't stop he was just so good and then that's all, what am I ?"

Ethan then says "your a vampire like use but you don't know how to control it"I then start to laughing the other boy says"why are you laughing"I then say" there's no such things in vampires"Ethan then says "yeah there is watch" he says coming closer to me as I stand up he pushes me and I say"what was that for" he keeps going and I feel my blood boil and I feel something poking in my mouth,am I really a vampire. As I sprunge on top of Ethan and start to fight I see his eyes get red.

After the whole fight I think that guy name Grayson not sure, he split me and Ethan from killing each other.

After that Ethan says I have to start training to control my hunger and my outburst's

( Next morning)

Brooklynn's POV:

Next morning I wake up to a burning sensation on my hand as I open my eyes I see the sun is burning my hand

As I wake up Ethan he says"what's wrong" I say "the sun its burning my hand" he then says "we have to get you a moonlight saving ring or necklace"

I then just nodded as I see him stand up He had... NO SHIRT ON ahh his abbe's they look so tone.I think Ethan say me staring and says"take a picture it last longer" he says with a smirk as I start to blush I take out my phone that Ethan got last night from my mom.

Ethan POV:

I saw here staring so I said "take a picture it last longer"as I turn away I hear a *click* sound so I turn around to face brooklynn with her phone in her hand as I give her a"did you real take a picture of me" face as she just nodded her head as we Burst to laughter

I then think to my self*I can get used to this*

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