chapter 7

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Brooklynn's POV:

As I run into the woods I hear twigs break and howls,as I see something with yellow eyes I start to scream for Ethan and Grayson as ...werewolf surrounded me in a circle.

Ethan's POV:

When I see brooklynn on the woods floor I see five werewolf surrounding her.I then call out as my eyes turn red"hey leave her alone " when I Say that I saw my worst enemies.Emma,Stephanie,Sandra, John and the alpha I hear Kaleb talk to me he says"hey look its Ethan and his little brother Grayson,is this your new toy like all your other ones"

I then feel my blood boil to his comment as I see that we will not be able to take all of them as I say"just leave her alone and we will be on our way"Kaleb then says "there's no need to leave this early we just started the fun"he says with a evil smirk. I then see him pick up brooklynn by her neck, as brooklynn bite him in the wrist he let's her go and she comes running to me,as the five werewolf's turn they start to howl which is a sign to all the other werewolf packs as me and Grayson get ready to take them on we see that my family and friends that are vampires to came for our back up as we start to fight I saw that brooklynn was getting ready to so we statred as

After a while of fighting I see that kaleb was coming at me,after I knocked Kaleb out unconscious I see that Brooklyn was on the floor bleeding I see that she got bite by a........... werewolf
Sorry for the short chapter but I had no ides for this chapter but I promise next chapter will be better please comment and vote👍👍💜

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