Chapter 20

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Brooklynn 's POV:

"Who are you"I ask "I'm Ethan remember the one that did this to you the flipping the switch thing"he says "what are you doing to me" I say"I'm here to make you turn on your humanity "he says "you can't make me because I'm not going to do it"I say with an evil laugh"not if me and Grayson  torture you in till you give in ,and guess what only one shoot glass of blood"he says "no you can't do that!!"I say with anger filling in my voice "yes I can and you won't be able to brake the chains to get out cause your too weak"he says with no emotions

About a week has past and I still haven't turned on my humanity
You should people care about you and will be by your side

NO I'm not turning it on and you can't make me!!!

Do it for Ethan

Why he did this to us and you still care about him

Because he did it for our own good

What ever bye!

As tonight Ethan and Grayson are takeing me some where and I think it's the woods

When we get there I was right we were right out side of the boarder line of the woods I see someone else's car in the corner

But... Who I see comes out the car it was my mother what's going on

As we get out the car we head to my mother that has tape and ropes on her arms and mouth I can see the dry tear drops on her cheeks

As I see what there doing to her I se Grayson's eyes turn red and her staring at my mothers wrist as he gets closer he looks at me to see if I'm watching

As he gets to my mother he grabs her neck and was about to bite in till..."NO PLEASE don't do it okay I will try and turn on my humanity.just don't feed on her"I say as I have tears streaming down my cheeks as I fake a cry

Turn on your humanity for mom



As I feel my humanity turn on I start to sob as to I killed my best friend and my father is dead all because of me

                   Ethan's POV:

As I see Brooklynn trying to fight her mind self I finally see that she starts to sob that means that she regrets what she did when her switch  was off as I huge her she cry's in my shirt  "it's okay it's okay"

But is it really...

Hello I know this chapter is suck's today I didn't know what to write so...

And i know it's late so please bare with  me on this one😁

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