Chapter 18

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                Brooklynn 's POV:
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As we make our self to my old house I become more nervous as I hear screaming coming from my old house,when we get inside I see some one biting my mom on the neck

A vampire is biting her? But we are the only vampire's in town

                       Ethan's POV:

As I see who is bitting Mrs.johnson's neck I can't believe it

It's my sister but I thought she is dead what ? I can't believe this she was ... Dead Grayson said her body was shred from the wolfs

As I see Brooklynns eyes go a deep red almost black color I know she is going to fight her , when Brooklynn jumped on Cameron's back and started to fight when I see everything happening I see Mrs.johnson on the floor bleeding out

As I go over to her I give her my blood so she can heal

After that I put her on the couch to rest

As I look up I still see Brooklynn fighting with Cameron

When I pulled them away from each other I see that Brooklynn is full of fume she is so angry

                  Cameron's POV:( yeah,yeah I know WOW😂)

Yes I faked my death so Grayson and Ethan will leave Brooklynn .i hate her she took my family from me now I take her I already killed her father last night I sucked every ounce of his blood I was going to do the same with her mother but she just had to ruin it by coming in with Ethan.(😐)

          Brooklynn 's POV:

I was mad she hurt my mom but I been wondering where is my dad like its 5  already and he should be home by now

As I ask my scared mom because I'm supposed to be dead "mom where is dad"I ask" I don't know he didn't come home last night " she say as I hear Cameron's evil laugh " what have you done"I say as I feel anger build up in me"your father is dead I killed him last night I sucked every ounce of his blood he was so good " she says as my eyes start to water

I run out side and run to the woods I couldn't take it any more I found someone and drank there blood it was so good but I felt the guilty

Should I really do it .... Turn off my humidity
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