Chapter 10

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"What did he do"I say"he...

Brooklynn 's POV:

"He killed her ,sucked every ounce of blood in her body"Matt say's"as I sit there in shock "that's why I want to see the one thing he loves die just like I did"Matt continue's "why me he doesn't love me"I say "yes he does,the way he looks at you he has that look I gave London before she died"Matt says, I then remembered that before this he was going to kiss me and I never notice he loved me.

After all of that I see that Matt was about to leave but I stopped him"hey can I get some blood i haven't had any since yesterday and I really don't feel good"I say ,he then looks at me and laughed and left well I guess that was a no

Ethan's POV:

As I arrive home "GRAYSON" I yelled he comes running down the stairs with a worried face "what's wrong"he says"Matt took Brooklynn "I say "I don't care go find her your self" he says and goes up stairs as I go down the basement to get some supplie and to make a plan to get Brooklynn back

Grayson's POV:

As I think of what I just said I notice that It wasn't Brooklynn fault for cameron's death. As I go down stairs to see if I can help Ethan find Brooklynn, I see that he was about to leave but I stop him"hey Ethan Can I help" I say " sure I think I know where he has her"he says as we leave I know where were going, into the forbidden forest as we get to the entrance we already hear werewolf's howling

After walking for a hour we get to a small little house in the woods as I see that there is no one in the house,I then hear someone scream and me and Ethan look at each other and we stared to run to the house .

Brooklynn's POV:

As I scream because Matt was pouring some type of liquid that burn on my skin I hear someone up stairs as Matt stops and goes up stair I see someone come down...
Who do you think is there is it the twins our a werewolf which could it be?

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