Chapter 13

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(Getting out of the pool)

Brooklynn's POV:

After our little swim we decided to watch a movie,as I finish getting ready I went down stairs and Grayson threw a blood bag at me as we enter the basement I was drinking my blood bag, when we decided on a movie after a hour we decided to watch 22 jump street,

After the movie I see that everyone is asleep so I guess that I will have to sleep here too,after a hour of trying to go to sleep I finally feel my eye lids close slowly as I see darkness

Ethan's POV:

As I wake up to the sun hitting my face I see that everyone is still asleep.

As I get up I go to make breakfast for everyone, when I'm done I see that Grayson and Brooklynn are sitting on the island chairs , as they look like they haven't slept in ages

As I laugh to my self I get three plates out to put all of the food on, when I finish putting the food on the plates I see that Brooklynn already finished hers "you were very hungry I see"I say as I chuckle "yeah it was very good thank you"she says as I feel myself start to blush from the comment "awww is someone blushing"I hear Grayson say" shut up Grayson" I say as I feel my face get more red

After all of that Brooklynn,Grayson and me went to start training, When we get there I try to get Brooklynn angry so she can turn so we can fight, when I achieved my goal I see that she is finaly angry so she try's to get me angry also, as we both turn we both start to fight but not cause to much pain to one another

After I feel my self get more out control

Brooklynn 's POV:

As I see Ethan get out control I try to stop him but it was to late he was already grabbing my neck with his strong hands I try to fight back but he was to strong "Ethan stop I can't b-breathe " I say as he noticed what he was doing to me he finally let go and I fell to the floor as he has watery eyes "it's okay you got a little out control " I say as I get up "no I hurt you and I can't live with myself cause I did this to you"he says as he looks at my now bruised neck "it's okay" I say "no" hey says and run off"ETHAN " I yell out but he already left...
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