chapter 1

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Brooklynn's POV:

You are probably wondering who are you well I'm Brooklynn Johnson I'm 25 now. So let's get to what happened 10 years ago.

( Flash back to 10 years ago)

Brooklynn's POV:
Hi I'm brooklynn Johnson I'm 15 and Im new to new Jersey.

As I was unpacking from the car I saw to boys coming my way.the one with the blonde hightlight in his hair said

"Hi welcome to the neborhood.My name is Grayson and this is my twin Ethan."he said pointing to a boy with a black hoodie on,then I say

"Hi I'm Brooklyn"I say as I go to shake Grayson's hand and he shakes mine but when I went to shake a Ethan's hand he ignores me.

After all of thaylt they say they have to go home so I said "bye" and went in side my house

(Next morning)


As I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock I see that I have to get ready for school so I take a quick shower and put on my outfit(picture above)

When I'm done with everything I go down stairs to see my dad sitting drinking his coffee and my mom making pancakes I then say"goodmorning mom and dad" they reply to "good morning brook" my mom then asked if I wan't pancakes and I say yes.After I finish eating I say bye to my parents and I start to walk to the school which I s only a mile from where I live.

When I get there I see a big sign that says Monico high school . As I go to the front office I see a office lady name as Ms.Taylor.When I get up there I say"Hi i'm here for my schedule" she then says "name please" I then say "Brooklynn Johnson" she then hands me my schedule and locker number.When I get to my locker I see that Ethan boy and I go up to him and I say"Hey Ethan can you help me get to my classes I'-" he then cuts me off and says"no" and walks away

After 20 minutes I finally found my first period class which is "science room 203 Mr.Brenner"

As I walk in I see every ones eyes on me and the teacher then cuts of the leason and says " You must be Brooklyn Johnson you can go sit next to Mr. Dolan" as I make my way there I see that its Ethan.He then gives me a death glare and looks away

I then think to my self this is going to be a long school year
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